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Tescular Miracle V3 [Online] EFLC by TesticleMachine1,625 downloads
Mega Ramp Mod! by DayL1,746 downloads
New Akina by kazumaByOZ6,052 downloads
Ultra Mega Ramp by Subrosa,Pacotron989 downloads
Mini 4x4 Track v4 FINAL by Pacotron1,135 downloads
Hoonigan (Gymkhana) Drift Track (Ken Block) v3 by Subrosa,Pacotron696 downloads
GYMKHANA Creator by extrememodder191567 downloads
Batihan's Bake Shop Mod by BATIHAN16922 downloads

Beach Crawl v2 by Pacotron,Subrosa880 downloads
Skyroad [Early BETA] by Pacotron479 downloads
DiRT 3 Drift Playground (Drift Track) by Pacotron894 downloads
Hoonigan (Gymkhana) Drift Track (Ken Block) v2 by Pacotron,Subrosa1,808 downloads
Highest Rotterdam Tower jump by TsakaOne2,359 downloads
Shipping Company by BATIHAN16578 downloads
Truly Difficult Objects by GTAvideos621 downloads
Bike Challenge Track v2 + Huge Ramp / Jump by Pacotron1,416 downloads

ROUTE 66 by nine3087,233 downloads
EFLC/Clockwork Mountain Prison - Survival House by BATIHAN16757 downloads
Getalife Jump v2 by TsakaOne884 downloads
Huge Ramp v5 (HUGE JUMP) by Pacotron1,338 downloads
Police Station MP Friendly by Avxry606 downloads
Getalife Jump by TsakaOne997 downloads
All Over Liberty City Track by TsakaOne822 downloads
Police Hideout by Pacotron400 downloads

Airport OffRoad Crawling Object Mod by Pacotron1,519 downloads
Airport Jump by Pacotron524 downloads
New Bridge in Bohan by RSocialClubTV1 & Slaidenbbath11,925 downloads
Beach Crawl by Pacotron922 downloads
Mini 4x4 Track v3 by Pacotron832 downloads
Desert Camp IV by GTAModsLK1,807 downloads