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ENB Settings v7.0

by Vucko
Please explain why you're reporting this file:

ENB Settings by Vucko v7.0

-Put the Files into Grand Theft Auto IV / EFLC Folder
-Replace it

*Including Road Textures & Green Trees*

This is Special mod because it isn't demanding like others but it looks very Realistic.

-Darker Shadows
-Fixed Sky Colors
-Fixed Lens Flare

-Works on
-Works on
-Works on
-Works on

*Ingame Cutscenes to bright on & patch

My PC Specs:

GPU : Nvidia GTX560 ti Asus
CPU : AMD Phenom II 710 x4 3.15 (Overclock and Unlock 4th Core)
Memory : 4.00 GB of RAM
Motherboard : Gigabyte MA770-UD3
Power Supply : LC5550 V2.2 - Silent Serie(True RMS)
CPU Cooler : Cooler Master
Hardware : Hitachi 1TB

Copyright to lpf312 & gp65cj04
9.01/10 - 77 votes
Downloads: 15,720
Added: July 31, 2013 7:59AM
Last Downloaded: July 3, 2015 3:47PM
File Size: 86 B
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Sorry hit 9 meant to hit 10 :p but going to gives this a try looks great :)
Posted on July 31, 2013 11:02AM by insanegaz
as usual u're #1 best ENB maker here.
Posted on July 31, 2013 12:46PM by thezul
Crashes the game.
Posted on July 31, 2013 1:04PM by ShenLong Kazama
Game crash.

Rated: 1/10
Posted on July 31, 2013 1:05PM by ShenLong Kazama
@ShenLong Kazama If your playing on patch just delete 2 Filecheckfix files,I will fix it very soon...
Posted on July 31, 2013 1:14PM by Vucko
Still crashes at random times. Deleted the filecheckfix files but when i go outside, it crashes. :/
Posted on July 31, 2013 1:18PM by ShenLong Kazama
oh who rated to 1/10 NOOBS DONT KNOW INSTALL GTA CORRECTLY And enb series too use google! KIDDOS ! HIS ENB WORKING PERFECT And on works for me no problems rated 10/10
Posted on July 31, 2013 1:42PM by perotorca
Soryy...Badd!!No rate
Posted on July 31, 2013 1:49PM by Nikobelichgta5
It looked awesome. Night time though... chrome on vehicles was turning green. Does anyone else have that? Maybe a solution?

I'm still using V6, but I'll keep an eye on this.

8/10, but looks good otherwise.
Posted on July 31, 2013 1:56PM by Trashpig
@Trashpig Thanks for using my ENB's...I'll look for that problem and make a small Update.
Posted on July 31, 2013 2:05PM by Vucko
I can run the ENB with a GTX 260 on high settings O.o (Not very high settings)
Posted on July 31, 2013 2:13PM by DayL
No problem Vucko. I like your work. Ignore the haters like Nikobelichgta5. V6 was so smooth and V7 is on the verge of being bloody awesome. Keep up the good work. :)
Posted on July 31, 2013 2:17PM by Trashpig
@Vucko Works now, but i have a few issues regarding the lighting. The light is flickering if i move or when the sun shines on something. Any ideas? :)
Posted on July 31, 2013 2:23PM by ShenLong Kazama
@ShenLong Kazama 1.Download ENB by Vucko v6.0 2.Go to Patch and find enbbloom file 3.Put in your GTA IV/EFLC Folder.
Posted on July 31, 2013 2:27PM by Vucko
Okay the lighting is better, but somehow, now i often get the red sky bug. Weird. O_o
Posted on July 31, 2013 2:48PM by ShenLong Kazama
^^ and use xlive (not dsound) ^^

@Vucko, nicelly going man i like your enb 6.0 too only it has too much blue chrome but nicelly sun flares and i hope to see the update in V.7 about the criticise from Trashpig, no offense
Posted on July 31, 2013 7:30PM by L0V2XLR8
Does this utilize sky lighting and ambient occlusions in the 1040 version?

Posted on August 1, 2013 6:29AM by MarkC9
Well done Vucko ;)
Posted on August 1, 2013 9:04AM by denicj
Nice man

Posted on August 1, 2013 4:33PM by Malikthegamer
Hey Vucko, when I off the definition there is a glitch!
Posted on August 2, 2013 6:13AM by TheRandomGuy
Back to report about the Green Chrome.

I ran this again on a clean install. I found the green chrome to appear on cars during the following weathers: Drizzle, Raining, Lightning.

Showing up on all the raining weathers. Can any one else reproduce this?

It looks soooo good otherwise man. I'd love to have this green chrome gone, as it's even better than v6.0 and v6.0 was and still is amazing. :)
Posted on August 2, 2013 8:25PM by Trashpig
@trashpig, how is the frames per second ? better then v.6.0 ?
Posted on August 3, 2013 2:07AM by L0V2XLR8
@ L0V2XLR8,

No different. About the same.I really want to use v7.0, I'm curious if others have seen the green chrome on raining weather at night.


Alienware Aurora R4

32GB Quad Channel DDR3 at 1600MHz

Intel Core i7 3960X Extreme Edition 6 Core

Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 SLI (NOT SLI FOR GTA IV) :(

Dual 1TB 10kRPM Velociraptor

256GB SSD - SATA 6Gb/s

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Posted on August 3, 2013 3:37AM by Trashpig
Try using V6's reflection values. Also trashpig,what happened to your YT channel? No more videos?
Posted on August 3, 2013 9:56AM by AgenBlaze
Just tested this and HOLY * IT'S AMAZING! Nice FPS as well :D

Although I would be happier if someone could tell me how to remove the blueish bloom
Posted on August 3, 2013 10:29AM by AgenBlaze
it's in enbsettings.ini

Scroll down to chrome and reflection values. Also do you know how to delete the crazy driving mode on tartexs traffic fix?
Posted on August 3, 2013 11:58AM by AgenBlaze
Thanks dude. I brought the [CHROME] setting to MetallicAmount=0.05 instead of MetallicAmount=1.05

As for the crazy driving mode, I don't know. Let me look, as I didn't install it because I'm using a combination of custom tweaks to have it run on my pc. :)
Posted on August 3, 2013 4:36PM by Trashpig
haha my children play game and crash? lol stop using xfire with ENB noobs
Posted on August 3, 2013 5:27PM by XonHD

I'm still struggling to find a good taxibug fix :/
Posted on August 4, 2013 2:09PM by AgenBlaze
@AgenBlaze, You can turn it OFF with F8 key.
Posted on August 4, 2013 7:30PM by L0V2XLR8
Well it usually turns itself back on again after sometime.
Posted on August 5, 2013 3:29AM by AgenBlaze
@AgenBlaze, i know it's a annoying sometimes. The last days i don't have probs anymore because i tweak the vehicles.ide with low amount of traffic for modded cars

@Trashpig, that's a heavy rig man ! How many Fps +- you have ?

I have almost the same PC Specs as Vucko and i have +- 25-35 fps. I have less Fps if High Definition is disabled and my resolution is 1360x768 (1080p) and 35 set of amount of traffic on roads

@Vucko, This is for me The Best ENB setup. Well done !!!

Rated: 11/10
Posted on August 5, 2013 4:14AM by L0V2XLR8
But the mint green Chrome on cars need definitely a fix. All the other reflections are amazing

I try the setting of MetallicAmount from 1.05 to 0.05 too thx !
Posted on August 5, 2013 5:27AM by L0V2XLR8
Yeah screw Google, I as well have stopped using their services as much as possible. They try to oversimplify everything for ease of use which creates a lack of variety and options. Must rid them of their monopolies.
Posted on August 5, 2013 7:31AM by MarkC9
crashes started on icenhancer 2.1 when those new patches came in

[ or whatever and maybe they just need to update it?
Posted on August 5, 2013 12:29PM by fwee
can this run on core2 Duo 2.GHz Geforce 9400M with 4GB Ram?

I'm running the game on bootcamp windows 7 on macbook unibody late 2008..
Posted on August 6, 2013 2:36AM by hunter7384
don't like it.To bright and not realistic.

Rated: 1/10
Posted on August 6, 2013 1:15PM by Naznesss
@ MarkC9

Yeah man. I found a good alternative to Youtube. www.wenoo.net. It's old Youtube. If you're looking for an alternative. Check it out.

I'm at www.wenoo.net/user/TheCrashpit

I'm glad I'm not alone in the Google/THEMTUBE Boycott.

P.S: I was on UPloadsociety, but they suck. They can't fix their f'n uploader, and they're weird.

Posted on August 6, 2013 10:56PM by Trashpig

I'm running a 300mb car pack with the following tweaks.




-percentvidmem 100

-memrestrict 681574400

-memrestrict 629145600

-availablevidmem 12



-framelimit 0


Chikamru Real Traffic (Hard to find) If you can't find it, let me know. I'll upload it somewhere. It's the only fix I've used that works for me.

Traffic Density 50


Game Booster v3.5 Beta

CacheBoost Professional Edition


I haven't run a bench mark in ages, but it wouldn't hurt to run it.

58-62 FPS
Posted on August 6, 2013 11:29PM by Trashpig
I actually have Chikamru's traffic fix. Didn't work since my vehicles.img is 466mb. Coupled with ENB and HD textures=pop-ins

Posted on August 7, 2013 2:31AM by AgenBlaze
Hi Trashpig, nice specs 0.0 and by the way I need the link for Chikamru Real Traffic please
Posted on August 7, 2013 2:33AM by Darkstar600
@Trashpig, I can't find the Chikamru Real Traffic. Please make a link for me or upload it somewhere.

Game Booster v3.5 is for my GTAIV bad because it gives me more textures pop-ins. As for the CacheBoost idk. I'm also running a 295mb vehicles.img and a 168mb newvehicles.img. Do you know why you have two memrestrict in commandline ? And -availablevidmem 12 means that you have 12gb gfx-card.

Also did you mentioned in the evening/night in GTAIV from the enb settings that the carwindows are white or sometimes green too ?
Posted on August 7, 2013 3:05AM by L0V2XLR8
@ AgenBlanze:


As for Google. Read this:



This is why we should boycott Google. Yet, this site is dependent on it. That's why you haven't seen any new content from me. ;)


I provided the link for the traffic fix. I found that setting for the gfx to work for some reason. I dunno. We all know it's a buggy game. :D

I'm sure that commandline is for my system only, as it took me tons of tweaking to get it to not glitch. It's safe to assume that every computer is different and it's important to mess around until you find the setting for your machine. I lucked out I guess.

To fix the green chrome do this:



Adjust to MetallicAmount=0.05 instead of MetallicAmount=1.05
Posted on August 7, 2013 12:14PM by Trashpig
I can't uderstand theses stupid people who rate 1/10 because of their game to crash... they are too dumb to install it well , so they rate it 1/10 ... my god ... whatever good job Vucko
Posted on August 7, 2013 12:55PM by xGamos91x
superb Job on this edit
Posted on August 7, 2013 2:18PM by Saunders420
I did MetallicAmount 0.20 beautiful chrome now. Still i have the greent or white tint on the car windows from reflection in the night especially with rain & drizzle i don't like. I like the car window reflection from v.6.0. Can i import it with just a simple edit in enbseries.ini ?
Posted on August 7, 2013 9:17PM by L0V2XLR8
can this run on core2 Duo 2.GHz Geforce 9400M with 4GB Ram?

I'm running the game on bootcamp windows 7 on macbook unibody late 2008..
Posted on August 7, 2013 11:33PM by hunter7384
Its excessive brightness caused my white car's reflection issue. Lights are too bright at night. Pics are good though.
Posted on August 8, 2013 4:56AM by Deathmasgu
Very good mod, no fps drop for me. 10/10
Posted on August 8, 2013 5:29AM by sznapi
this is causing infinite loading on both EFLC and GTA IV with everything on default.. anyone know how to fix this? im on windows 8 x64
Posted on August 8, 2013 12:02PM by fwee
There's still "RED SKY" bug.
Posted on August 8, 2013 4:04PM by chatterjeevikra
@chatterjeevikra: you should use, but if you use, you can download red sky fix

Posted on August 8, 2013 5:19PM by GXZ
Very Nice Job :)
Posted on August 9, 2013 2:19AM by DRS Nitro
@AgenBlaze: I know how to remove the blueish bloom :)
Posted on August 9, 2013 4:31PM by L33T
Does this work for steam as well?
Posted on August 9, 2013 6:34PM by Gladious X
Does this work for steam as well?
Posted on August 9, 2013 6:38PM by Gladious X
Yes, steam folders are in a different location than the disk version though.

Posted on August 10, 2013 4:22PM by DrDetroit
BTW; screens looks awesome! Can't wait to try it. Wish I could run it on my rig, too laggy with my current setup (dual core AMD).

I have to stick with Sgt.Kanyo's Real Time Cycle v5 (or v4..can't recall). Will have to wait till my new gaming rig arrives next week to try this bugger out.

Thanks again Vucko.

Posted on August 10, 2013 4:28PM by DrDetroit
will it work on my gt520?
Posted on August 11, 2013 5:47AM by frostarun_gta4
Posted on August 20, 2013 10:33PM by TheRandomGuy
EPIC!!!! BEST ONE !! I SWEAR!!!! I'm using it for it rocks , only thing please make a V7.0F version with ELS lights enhancement
Posted on September 25, 2013 11:53AM by xGamos91x
@Trashpig you got skype ?? i think you remember me xD in IRC chat
Posted on September 29, 2013 3:29PM by GGC_89

Of course I remember you dude. ;) If this message finds you, I am on wenoo.net. After my exodus of Youtube, things changed for me. Join my channeL here.


We can catch up. Make an account.
Posted on December 21, 2013 1:09PM by Trashpig
which patch should i replace?
Posted on January 27, 2014 12:47PM by CJCJ
When I saw this my jaw dropped !!!
Posted on February 16, 2014 5:31PM by MT13
Great job! 10/10
Posted on August 2, 2014 8:38AM by Brosa GT
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