ENB Settings v7.0E

by Vucko
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ENB Settings by Vucko v7.0E

-Put the Files into Grand Theft Auto IV / EFLC Folder
-Replace it

*Including Road Textures & Green Trees*

This is Special mod because it isn't demanding like others but it looks very Realistic.

Small Updates!
-Water Fix
-Moving Clouds
-More Dynamic Bloom
-New Trees
-Car Lights

-Works on
-Works on
-Works on (Not Recommended)
-Works on (Not Recommended)

*Ingame Cutscenes to bright on & patch

My PC Specs:

GPU : Nvidia GTX560 ti Asus
CPU : AMD Phenom II 710 x4 3.15 (Overclock and Unlock 4th Core)
Memory : 4.00 GB of RAM
Motherboard : Gigabyte MA770-UD3
Power Supply : LC5550 V2.2
CPU Cooler : Cooler Master
Hardware : Hitachi 1TB

Copyright to lpf312 & gp65cj04
8.96/10 - 57 votes
Downloads: 25,654
Added: August 12, 2013 7:01AM
Last Downloaded: December 22, 2014 9:49AM
File Size: 211 B
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Hey Vucko can you do a low end PC ENB? :D
Posted on August 12, 2013 10:33AM by DayL
Vucko VERY * BEATIFUL ENB but the fps drops sometimes!!!

Posted on August 12, 2013 10:39AM by gkoulousis96
hi, it will work on this pc specs?:

Intel dual core E5300 @2.60 ghz

4gb memory ram

windows vista sp 2 (yes its very old the OS)

XFX Radeon 5670 1GB ddr3

is not a full gamer pc, but i play games has crysis 2 with all ultra settings and far cry 3 in hig-ultra settings
Posted on August 12, 2013 10:42AM by samuraika
@samuraika You can play it but around Medium Settings
Posted on August 12, 2013 10:53AM by Vucko
can you make settings for low,medium,high and very high pc´s?
Posted on August 12, 2013 10:56AM by DayL
Very nice!!!

Rated 10/10
Posted on August 12, 2013 11:02AM by GXZ
I believe there's a cutscene fix as well
Posted on August 12, 2013 11:17AM by DLer
ok i will chek it out, downloading right now, when i test it i will tell how it goes, tnx
Posted on August 12, 2013 11:20AM by samuraika

anyway, great job on the enb vucko :D 10/10
Posted on August 12, 2013 1:25PM by GTacer12
Problem Founded Darker settings are crashing i play 10 or 5 minutes it crash all the time if i using normal it works normally
Posted on August 12, 2013 1:45PM by perotorca
yessss ! work fine now, you'r the best !
Posted on August 12, 2013 2:15PM by zorrogk
work fine on my i gain more fps! the best ENB in the GTA IV. I will make video soon xD
Posted on August 12, 2013 2:50PM by thezul
Great job Vucko! You could still improve this mod after 6.0... Impressive. My favourite ENB ever. (Says a guy who actually uploaded his own ENB a few days ago xD)
Posted on August 12, 2013 4:14PM by XModHunterX
so i just download and place into gtaIV folder, thats it?
Posted on August 13, 2013 12:37AM by notacop12
Can somebody tell me how to get rid of the blueish colours? It's pissing me off
Posted on August 13, 2013 2:11AM by AgenBlaze
Looks good, great job 10/10.
Posted on August 13, 2013 5:56AM by Fabriciuz
is there any enb that my pc can handle without

fps drops

my specs:

intel i5 3.10 ghz

4 gb ram

nvidia ge force 210
Posted on August 13, 2013 7:01AM by sls
@sls NO!!!
Posted on August 13, 2013 8:18AM by gkoulousis96
@AgenBlaze, the blueish is from enbspriteray. Maybe you can change that.

@Vucko, okay this looks even better but i don't like dark Car Lights because every car in game has it and the fps drops sometimes. Plz make this version without the dark car lights.
Posted on August 13, 2013 10:46AM by L0V2XLR8
Are you sure? The blueish I'm talking about is the one that appears at buildings and pretty much everything except cars
Posted on August 13, 2013 11:23AM by AgenBlaze
ho lee *
Posted on August 13, 2013 1:27PM by Venix
Support other patches as:,,, ?

And what next?
Posted on August 13, 2013 6:04PM by L33T
Sorry i can't help with that i tought you were talking about the cars & wheels. If they are black they have sum blue-ish reflections on it, it's the same blue from enbspriteray idk.

And for the enb i don't like the car lights as i said before so i use visualSettings.dat from v7.0
Posted on August 13, 2013 11:30PM by L0V2XLR8
The visualSettings.dat from v7.0 didn't fixed the dark carlights so i tried to replace all the files from v.7.0 and still i have the dark carlights. I don't get it. I want to get rid of it. Plz help me !!!

@ AgenBlaze As for the bloom, maybe it has to do with dsound because when i deleted that i have no blueish windows from buildings.
Posted on August 14, 2013 12:11AM by L0V2XLR8
i'm running with & it's so gorgeous and smooth compared others ENBs. Only weak spot is cutscenes what is ultra bright.

GOOD JOB 10 / 10

Here some pictures how awesome it really is,


Posted on August 14, 2013 1:28PM by foxy88
@fosy88 Try this http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/cutscene-bright-fix-f22483
Posted on August 14, 2013 4:51PM by Vucko
@Vucko, can you tell me how do i get the normal head and taillights back. I want them not so dark especially front head lights are to dark
Posted on August 15, 2013 4:27AM by L0V2XLR8
AgenBlaze About the blueish bloom. Have you tried delete the dsound and replace it with xlive. Well it works for me.
Posted on August 15, 2013 4:41AM by L0V2XLR8
Other enb looks better than this.

Rated: 1/10
Posted on August 16, 2013 1:38AM by Naznesss
Works like magic on my settings. 10/10
Posted on August 16, 2013 5:43PM by AntonioSS22
Posted on August 17, 2013 8:58AM by links64
how to put this on PS3?

Posted on August 20, 2013 6:57AM by cycy22
LOL ^^
Posted on August 20, 2013 11:14PM by zombieapok
RESC10 Fatal Error

Rated: 1/10
Posted on August 20, 2013 11:56PM by TheRandomGuy
Hey guys, I am new to the modding world. I pasted all the correct files in place, but i get an error for bad version?
Posted on August 23, 2013 1:23AM by Auronronso
Hey guys, I am new to the modding world. I pasted all the correct files in place, but i get an error for bad version?
Posted on August 23, 2013 1:55AM by Auronronso
me too
Posted on August 27, 2013 6:28PM by ProudNoob3
Stunning ENB, however I too have the blue/turqoise chrome effect problem. I don't have the dsound.dll and I also desaturated the bmps. I also tried editing the RGB Sky levels but nothing worked. Any help would be great ;)
Posted on August 28, 2013 11:49PM by FR Style
Not recomended for ? NOT WATTT ???
Posted on August 29, 2013 5:44PM by xGamos91x
@xGamos91x It works with patch, but I may have few small bugs
Posted on September 3, 2013 11:04AM by Vucko
Very nice ENB. Got it working with ELS V7 so very happy. 10/10 :)
Posted on September 8, 2013 2:43PM by Davelaric
I have only 1 issue with this. The white sky bug. I can't seem to get rid of it. I fixed the red sky bug, but now my sky textures are just white, like it's always overcast, with * dark grey/black clouds. It never changes, so it's not a weather thing. Any solutions to this? Also, is there a cutscene fix yet?? Thanks.
Posted on September 17, 2013 6:28PM by blobdagr8
running on very newest EFLC patch. works pretty * well, major FPS drop. i guess thats normal for ENB though, my rig is hardly running at full potential. either way with the right time and weather it looks insanely good! 9/10
Posted on October 1, 2013 11:58PM by demonsparkx
Can u do an ULTRA ENB?

Posted on October 14, 2013 11:26AM by NEATERTHEHACKER
make it foe

Rated: 1/10
Posted on November 26, 2013 7:28AM by sameed47
Can anyone help me with this? The Peds, The sky, and sidewalk is too bright! Only when i step into the sunlit areas. In the shade it looks perfect but outside of the shaded areas its offensive to the eyes. When I press SHIFT+F12 to turn off the enb EVERYTHING is even brighter. Plus I already turned the display brightness to zero and its still too much. What can i do to change this?

Posted on December 24, 2013 6:24PM by YoungDragonSD
SOLVED IT! Sorry for that. It was my Shaders in the common folder. this is an excellent ENB 10/10

Posted on December 24, 2013 7:16PM by YoungDragonSD
Best graphic I seen !

but i'm lag when change time to noon then weather ex-sunny .

My spec :

AMD 5800K overclock to 3.9ghz

8GB 1680mhz ram (oc)

Asus GTX650 ti oc 1GB DDR5

rate 10 :)
Posted on March 11, 2014 3:15PM by LIK3GTA98
i have EFLC patch and it looks awesome ~! 10/10 ( i dont't now what are you saying about " is too bright " because i love it ! )
Posted on March 12, 2014 12:42PM by angelo345
AMD FX 6300 Six Cpu 3,50 GHz

8GB GB 13xx MHz RAM

ASUS GT 630 2GB 128 Bit

My Fps ?
Posted on April 15, 2014 4:23AM by ErenTR
As soon as I load my save it crashes, any help?
Posted on July 13, 2014 12:10AM by IFawxI
Posted on August 26, 2014 1:56AM by amdchipset

Rated: 6/10
Posted on August 26, 2014 1:58AM by amdchipset
Posted on September 3, 2014 7:57AM by shgloob
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