gta 4 underwater stunt

by kudoboi
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you might ask this question, how to drive a car underwater? well you need to edit the water height in the game before doing that,
to get the water editor tool:

you need simple native trainer 5.5 to spawn the track
don't use the modded water level in MP or it will crash you and the server. to make the water level back to original, just type 00. to required water level is -30 or below. do not put too below or it crashes the game even in single player.
the drift track will be at dukes airport bridge to bohan bridge. once you reach bohan, before going up the slope to bohan, you will see a area that dosnt have roads(turn to ur right), you will see a path created by me to go to the drift track.
glitch found: when acessing algonquin to alderney tunnel, you will float with all the other cars, so i will block that tunnel as its glitched when you edit water file.
and also if you see like light blonde sand, please don't even step onto it as it will lead to a glitch. Replaces: .
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vid will be nice

Posted on April 24, 2010 5:54AM by FoehammerCorp
i suck at recording vids, don't expect too much on this file though, there is still v2, v3 to go. this is just in beta stage, and i didnt even want to release it. but i just released it for fun.
Posted on April 24, 2010 9:56AM by kudoboi
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