GTA IV NoBloodMod 1.0

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This is the 2.part of my modification "NoBloodMod", for GTA IV.
The modification set the Bloodlevel in GTA IV almost off.

Scence in the game without blood:

~NEW in 1.0-->No Bloodspatter

~NEW in 0.9--->No pedamage visible

-No more blood pools under corpses

-No blood on-wheels when e.g. the driver of a car shot through the windscreen is. So, no bloody tears in slices.

-No-Splash's blood on the ground, walls, objects, vehicles, etc. Or if you by a car on the wall is pressed, no impression on the car or wall to be seen.

Scence in the game with blood:

-Bloodsplatter out the mouth.

This modification has been with the GTA IV version successfully tested.
Nobody but me (BAZZ-dRIVER) is entitled to this modification under his own name to Present and / or upload.



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how can people download this the purpose of gta4 is the blood thats what brings it to life
Posted on July 24, 2010 8:52PM by xXadsybroXx
very good mod
Posted on January 4, 2013 5:06AM by jaho2283
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