GTA V Style Vehicle Names v4

by someguyfromlc
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I added vehicle categories (SUV,Sport...etc.)

Police Predator, Tug, Subway,Reefer & cablecar don't have manufacturers so i didn't put any.

Update: 06.17.2014.
I fixed a couple wrong names. Replaces: american.gxt
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Added: May 3, 2014 6:10AM
Last Downloaded: August 28, 2014 5:07AM
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use fraps or bandicam for screenshots.
Posted on May 3, 2014 11:55AM by XxproxXgammer
Dude just use Fraps! It's free and easy to use!!!
Posted on May 3, 2014 11:59AM by ThatOneHick
Well the screenshots show the mod clearly so I'd say they're fine. Nice mod too, 10/10.
Posted on May 3, 2014 12:52PM by TheAdmiester
hey man, what program you use to change the text?
Posted on May 3, 2014 7:36PM by Fusion_GT
bandicam is easier, anyway nice mod
Posted on May 3, 2014 8:26PM by trendymods07
Fusion_GT i used GXT Editor
Posted on May 4, 2014 6:44AM by someguyfromlc
My game crashes when using your mod
Posted on May 8, 2014 6:36AM by SKS
yeah like KSK, my game crashes
Posted on June 7, 2014 10:10AM by gta4police
SKS & gta4police, i have GTA IV version, maybe you have different versions
Posted on June 17, 2014 5:25AM by someguyfromlc
can you do tbogt and tlad vehicles as well
Posted on July 31, 2014 10:35AM by legoplayers13
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