Lamborghini Engine Sound MOD V4.0

by rkmario
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Vehicle Sound Directory

Sounds from Lamborghini Murcielago in NFS Shift

Suitable for Lamborghini Murcielago Aventador and Countach Replaces: Infernus
8.38/10 - 34 votes
Downloads: 17,316
Added: October 30, 2012 7:49AM
Last Downloaded: April 30, 2017 12:31AM
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r u going to make more of the start up sounds? I'd really love to see a more regular saloon version. Also is it possible to have different start up sounds for diffrent cars just as the regular engine sounds?

There's already a lot of engine sounds out there and it would be nice to see some start up sounds as well.
Posted on October 30, 2012 12:21PM by mrali95
i nominate this mod of the year!! EPIC!!! 999999999999999999/10
Posted on October 30, 2012 2:10PM by gta4maniac77
Totally epic BUT

the naming of the files??? I noticed when I tried to use your sounds rkmario, for different cars, the sound completely disappeared for different vehicles.

Any tips would be great good sir.
Posted on October 30, 2012 2:48PM by 2TimesACharm
perfect 10..absolutely nice fit
Posted on October 30, 2012 8:36PM by raynier
Change the vehicle.ide line

For example

admiral, admiral, car, ADMIRAL, ADMIRAL, VEH@LOW


admiral, admiral, car, ADMIRAL, INFERNUS, VEH@LOW
Posted on October 31, 2012 3:39AM by rkmario
@2TimesACharm, make a copy of this SUPERCAR_2.ivaud and open it with GTA-IVaud_1.1.5 extract all files on desktop then open FAST_4 banshee (my choice) and copy the exact files from extracted and SAVE it and exit. Then import it in STREAMED_VEHICLES with spark.

It gives also a good sound especially when you already have a good sound on infernus.
Posted on October 31, 2012 5:02PM by L0V2XLR8
good thanks
Posted on November 2, 2012 2:47AM by Dave~
Sounds weak IMO.
Posted on November 2, 2012 3:41AM by RoyalPredator
It would be great if that other noise wasn't there you notice more at high rev's
Posted on November 3, 2012 4:57AM by insanegaz
awesome it feels like im playing need for speed with this sound
Posted on December 29, 2012 5:49AM by JacquesSwart
Sounds good, there is no noticeable loop in game, 10/10!! :D
Posted on January 2, 2013 12:05AM by Rocket75x1
wonderful sound, love all ur sound mod 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 ! :D
Posted on July 31, 2013 2:54AM by neunzig
V2 or V3 was better, this is isn't as good as them.


Please do that and you'll be a GTA Mod legend for a life.
Posted on March 19, 2014 11:37AM by RoyalPredator
if someone can do a youtube vid about how to install this mod please do i don't know how to fully 100% do it and change it to my 2 police aventadors (police and police 2)
Posted on March 22, 2014 5:22AM by gwen tenerso
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