New Sultan RS Handling! (0.7 version)

by MegaGTA4Master
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This is my own custom handling to Sultan RS, however i released my mod on 10-09-2010 on Sendspace because i cannot access that day gtagarage. 0.6 version is on gtagarage.

Readme file:

This is my first handling mod, witch mods Sultan RS Into a best one. (first version: 0.5)

what is the bonus?!? I reveal in this video!:

In that link theres a crash test, brake test, acceleration 0-100KMH test, and other things.

Transmission Force;
Transmission inertia;
Transmission Velocity;
Transmission Bias;
Transmission gears (before was 5 now i set to 6);
Suspension Force;
Compression Damp;
Rebound damp;
Lower limit;
Raise is now set to 0.03;
suspension bias;
Drag multiplayer;
Steering lock;
Handling flags;
And model Flags.

Remember Petter Solberg old subaru? It reaches max speed 230 KMH as they say. Sultan RS with the mod reaches 239/240 KMH!

I update always this mod so if you find a bug send me a mesage on youtube: MegaGTA4Master.

Positives on my mod:
Acceleration is now increased;
Max speed increased;
Handling is best on offroad and on tarmac;
Brakes have more power.

Negatives on my mod:

If you brake to mutch, you cant turn almost! (it will get fixed on the next version, 0.7.

If you find any negative or positive on my mod warn me! (send me a mesage on youtube) (MegaGTA4Master).

Have fun!

About the Petter Solberg old subaru in 0.7 version, i will set the speed to 230 KMH to better realism... [Version 0.7 released, speed is now realistic! (214 KM/H)]

(Please note that is a small modification that i changed on all car things so do not come to me and say: "Only crap! I don't see almost any diference!" Replaces: Handling.dat
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Thanks for the mod should get a video screen shot, the speed was already realistic at 240kmh, Suby's can reach to 260kmh with no major modifications if pushed. I'm currently using this as a base handling then just tweaking that 10/10 for the effort though. Good Job man!
Posted on December 26, 2011 9:35AM by STi-BDG_42~M4A1
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