New HQ Icons V2.0 by RollY2,271 downloads
3D Radio Icons for EFLC v1 by monster875712 downloads
Total Weapon Sounds Replacement for EFLC by janusantsky4,199 downloads
TBoGT New Weapon Sounds by janusantsky1,665 downloads
Colored Blips for EFLC v1 by monster875868 downloads
5 Car Mobile Phone Themes by EmptySoul699 downloads
VegatIV by force92i1,203 downloads
iPhone by rakker&loly4,049 downloads

Solid Golden Earring by jvj799 downloads
Sapphire Graphic IV by lexluther20915,254 downloads
Airport Stunts by SoAmazing715 downloads
New Hq Icons For GTA IV V1.5 by RollY2,202 downloads
Solid Golden Cellphone by jvj10,408 downloads
Texaco GasStation by Damon021,719 downloads
EFLC PlayStation 3 Controller Mod by BananaMan2,844 downloads
Comet The Drifter by tony5512861 downloads

New Scope Crosshair by RollY1,974 downloads
New Hq Icons For GTA IV by RollY2,052 downloads
HHAS (high speed Highway Arab Style) Bikes by call911roku1,517 downloads
Coloured fists and parachute icon for TLaD and TBoGT by monster875956 downloads
[IV+EFLC]Icons Coloured and Textured by zerofreeze1,262 downloads
Blood Radar by MiXA23828 downloads
Triple Pedestrians EFLC by GTAIVPCVIDS2,446 downloads
Violent EFLC by GTAIVPCVIDS1,262 downloads

New roads in the port Tudor by MiXA231,673 downloads
EFLC and IV coloured weapon icons Final by monster875951 downloads
EFLC coloured weapon icons V1.1 by monster875810 downloads
gta 4 underwater stunt by kudoboi603 downloads
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GTA IV coloured weapon icons *WHOLE NEW* by monster875878 downloads