Nokia NSeries by Rosario2,281 downloads
New Speedometer by o!nko!nk, BATProfessional, Vovan-dolgov and Sergey-Lord25,801 downloads
NFS U2 "Griffin" Speedometer by polodave4,865 downloads
VisualIV v1.4 by City_Poke912 and rob2430,956 downloads
Drift Handling Mod by milo3423,834 downloads
Speedometer Skin by GhostPeEl1,435 downloads
NYPD Police Computer Mod by gorgonut5,258 downloads
LCPD Loading Screen Mod by Custo & Mitchell Maniac3,882 downloads

Silver Skin for SpeedoIV by MaVI7,805 downloads
Liverpool SpeedometerIV Skin by tmooney20051,489 downloads
LCPD Theme by Custo2,275 downloads
SpeedometerIV Skin Pack Vol. 2 by o!nko!nk9,355 downloads
Lambo 300kmh Speedometer Skin by designKorbiM8,572 downloads
Palm Trees by Raggea1232,915 downloads
Super Explosion 2.0x Mod by olek78814,535 downloads
HUD Speedometer by FunGt & oinkoink72,802 downloads

Transparent & Chrome SpeedometerIV SkinPack by Srimk3,024 downloads
Flame SpeedometerIV SkinPack by Fabio2062,565 downloads
'Transparent 300' SpeedometerIV SkinPack by Polodave2,298 downloads
New Bus Logos by olek78811,539 downloads
New Taxi Logos by olek78812,030 downloads
New Bags by olek78811,434 downloads
W-F*%k-Off Radio by groveofdarkness2,082 downloads
Psychopathic Mobile Theme by groveofdarkness1,330 downloads

Clean Car Reflections by gtaua2,512 downloads
Realistic Weapons HUD Mod by ocstudent3,070 downloads
Super Effects by olek78811,724 downloads
Google Internet Search by Dimstar_DM2,315 downloads
Taking Off Aircraft V2.0 by ©Dimstar_DM4,265 downloads
100% Save Game by jopa377,584 downloads