Google Internet Search by Dimstar_DM1,899 downloads
Taking Off Aircraft V2.0 by ©Dimstar_DM3,841 downloads
100% Save Game by jopa375,884 downloads
GTA IV NoBloodMod 1.0 by BaZZ-dRIVER959 downloads
NRG900 to Suzuki GSX-R by polodave3,901 downloads
Michelle Blonde Mod v2.0 by polodave2,819 downloads
Cops on Bikes by polodave3,025 downloads
VisualIV v0.98 beta by City_Poke9124,051 downloads

Burger King mod by Nikozz913,326 downloads
More Peds by ppphyg3,884 downloads
More Car Damage by ppphyg2,058 downloads
Realistic Environment Mod by rinuextreme15,699 downloads
Realistic Vehicle Damage by rinuextreme41,459 downloads
Dwayne, Playboy X, Brucie and Little Jacob as Civilians by Leito1,617 downloads
Exaggerated Physics by dDefinder14,902 downloads
Clean Binoculars by Havark983 downloads

Drift City Mod v1.0 by Finking3,685 downloads
Realistic Xenon Headlights by SimViper669,736 downloads
More Car Damage v1.0 by Finking1,502 downloads
McDonalds Mod by Nikozz917,355 downloads
Purple Explosion by yellowboy061,464 downloads
GTA IV VC Style Weapon Icons by Shinkel861,871 downloads
More Car Damage v2 by white8man25,652 downloads
Windows 7 Mobile Theme by GameGuy3603,141 downloads

Blue Whiz Phone Theme by GameGuy3601,747 downloads
Indestructible Vehicle Mods 1.4E by Samurai1902,937 downloads
New GTA IV Intro Logos v1.0 by Mitchell Maniac4,146 downloads
NY Orange Prisoner Uniform by Mitchell Maniac2,012 downloads
Vista Cursor for Computers by GameGuy3601,139 downloads
New GTA IV Loading Screens by Mitchell Maniac9,062 downloads