Drift City Mod v1.0 by Finking3,538 downloads
Realistic Xenon Headlights by SimViper669,460 downloads
More Car Damage v1.0 by Finking1,406 downloads
McDonalds Mod by Nikozz917,157 downloads
Purple Explosion by yellowboy061,357 downloads
GTA IV VC Style Weapon Icons by Shinkel861,734 downloads
More Car Damage v2 by white8man24,811 downloads
Windows 7 Mobile Theme by GameGuy3603,040 downloads

Blue Whiz Phone Theme by GameGuy3601,649 downloads
Indestructible Vehicle Mods 1.4E by Samurai1902,814 downloads
New GTA IV Intro Logos v1.0 by Mitchell Maniac4,020 downloads
NY Orange Prisoner Uniform by Mitchell Maniac1,884 downloads
Vista Cursor for Computers by GameGuy3601,050 downloads
New GTA IV Loading Screens by Mitchell Maniac8,620 downloads
Bigger explosions, stronger fire hydrants v1.1 by lilmcnessy5,562 downloads
Sabre Old Police Mod by Mitchell Maniac2,069 downloads

RPG Shooting Helicopter V.2 by havark9,819 downloads
Colored In-Game Blips / Icons v.1.0 by Mitchell Maniac3,385 downloads
New GTA IV Intro Logos by Mitchell Maniac4,675 downloads
New Hot Dog Stands by Mitchell Maniac1,390 downloads
ReadRear MultiColor Headlights v1.0 by hums1,203 downloads
Exaggerated blood v1.16 by dDefinder134,034 downloads
Sunny California Weather by white8man4,060 downloads
Drift Driving Mod by white8man29,897 downloads

GTA4 New York v0.3 by White8Man8,492 downloads
Stronger Weapons by lilmcnessy1,896 downloads
All Cars Are Low by buitenwet12,212 downloads
Nightmare87's Xtra Blood Mod by Nightmare873,256 downloads
The Lost and Damned Loading Screens by Quechus93,078 downloads
Sniper Scope Pack by morphadron5,995 downloads