RPG Shooting Helicopter V.2 by havark9,888 downloads
Colored In-Game Blips / Icons v.1.0 by Mitchell Maniac3,450 downloads
New GTA IV Intro Logos by Mitchell Maniac4,719 downloads
New Hot Dog Stands by Mitchell Maniac1,421 downloads
ReadRear MultiColor Headlights v1.0 by hums1,226 downloads
Exaggerated blood v1.16 by dDefinder136,929 downloads
Sunny California Weather by white8man4,173 downloads
Drift Driving Mod by white8man30,215 downloads

GTA4 New York v0.3 by White8Man8,553 downloads
Stronger Weapons by lilmcnessy1,930 downloads
All Cars Are Low by buitenwet12,239 downloads
Nightmare87's Xtra Blood Mod by Nightmare873,289 downloads
The Lost and Damned Loading Screens by Quechus93,123 downloads
Sniper Scope Pack by morphadron6,075 downloads
Gurren Lagann Theme by Heavy Gunner1,012 downloads
More Peds Everywhere by Dhatz13,295 downloads

Daft Punk Theme by --Chronoman--969 downloads
Coca Cola Theme by behzad_sol2,139 downloads
Bikes from The Lost and Damned by Blazer30uk21,440 downloads
Linkin Park Theme by behzad_sol2,913 downloads
t.A.T.u Theme by behzad_sol990 downloads
Xenon HID Headlamps by MossMan7,503 downloads
S.W.A.T. Mod by Mind-X-5,108 downloads
Rasta Bar by spyloops3,726 downloads

Naruto Theme by behzad_sol2,072 downloads
GTA IV Theme v1 by behzad_sol2,469 downloads
Cube Theme by behzad_sol753 downloads
Stargate SG1 Theme by lostcity6661,115 downloads
GTA IV Multiplayer Exotic Cars/Bikes by Beuzer1,830 downloads
New Vending Machines by spyloops2,963 downloads