VStyle Blips by Lorenzo3024624 downloads
Sub's ENB 2014 by SubClocker1,998 downloads
GTA V Franklin Player Voice by RSR_Commander1,673 downloads
GTA IV Props Removal by Cody196508 downloads
GTA IV No Car Deformation by Cody196169 downloads
Stallion 2Gen Wreck by Algonquin Hood190 downloads
Monster Truck engine sound from San Andreas by Lorenzol9991,353 downloads
GTA IV Lag and Texture Pop-In Fix by CAXTILTECA3,279 downloads

Graffiti Brasil em Ação by Josemar Santos231 downloads
GTA IV For FPS Laggers by Cody196819 downloads
NT ENB Beta(1.04) by Sky_Ming690 downloads
Enbenhancer 3.01 by GTA INDIA(UDIT)1,418 downloads
GTA IV Graffiti by DixNo271 downloads
Aston Martin V8 w/ capristo exhaust sound by ATONG-ANG236 downloads
V.I.P ENB by TheMegaRang3,490 downloads
Coronas V-Style 2.1 (Final) by Josemar Santos1,103 downloads

Trompe-l’œil VU ENB + Sweet FX by wapeddell422 downloads
ICE2.0N The optimization version by Motor276 downloads
Real dark ENB Final Edition(EFLC compatible) by r1-5-qwertyuiop584 downloads
Dishesthan ENBRevised edition by Motor838 downloads
REMIX IV by Sharing (Golak mods)576 downloads
NY ENB 2.2 BETA1 (Only 1.04) by Pass by9,956 downloads
2014 Bohan HD Roads by vowciks12,444 downloads
Federal Signal SS2000 Rumbler Siren by RageDev3,160 downloads

Middlefinger Cursor by SyncTus261 downloads
Keelo's Realistic Weapon damage & Ammunition V2 by Keelo4,155 downloads
Realistic Behaviour Weaponinfo by SubClocker202 downloads
Realistic Ammo/Damage Mod by speedy2277837 downloads
TWEAKFORIV by shortyops9,174 downloads
Better Gangs by flaminghero122 & Mxthe2,811 downloads