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APG iCEnhancer 2.1 for Grand Theft Auto IV by AussieProGamer4,169 downloads
Little Dukes Mod by cromchen425 downloads
Photorealistic MOD (GTA4 & EFLC) by somebody29783,148 downloads
GTA IV - M.8. by gorivgio584 downloads
Teboil gas station (Finnish) by ProEspace72 // Ara95267 downloads
Panneaux FR v2.0 (French Panels v2.0) by le k5k5235 downloads
Spring IV by Sharing (Golak mods)582 downloads
LibertyENB by RageDev1,301 downloads

RAGE5|ENB Beta by Qwerzxc1,702 downloads
New Bins 1.5 by dalewakelin256 downloads
Advanced Graphics V1 by Sharing (Golak mods)2,646 downloads
Improved Weapon Sounds for GTA IV by Triangulum595 downloads
Timecyc GTA IV by shafayat_h1,129 downloads
Character Wheel Revamp + Busted & Wasted Revamp by Zarzuh1,460 downloads
Algonquin Safehouse Interiors Retextured by MrDemeulemeester1,080 downloads
GTA V Firefighter's Helmet by ThatOneHick306 downloads

New Car & Collisions sounds by RamboV8,235 downloads
Real Broken & Smash Glass Sounds by GTAEU-MODS5,061 downloads
Fócus ENB Séries V2 Final All Pcs by crosstrigger1292 downloads
Dilettante Pick Up by Danii Eliitho197 downloads
GTA V Melee Sounds by RSR_Commander1,171 downloads
New background for loading Screens by BOSS 007496 downloads
Off road E109 by tall70577 downloads
HD effects by Fragdog2,552 downloads

Los Santos Police/Sheriff Station Textures by ThatOneHick625 downloads
Watch_Dogs Menu, Loadingscreens by StaazMon326 downloads
New Bins 1.0 by dalewakelin209 downloads
Photorealistic ENB SnowJOB Edition AUIRB2U Version2.0 by PacketOverload_x64Bit2,209 downloads
HD Metallic Car Paint by icelaglace10,979 downloads
ZXC|ENB Fixed by Qwerzxc1,272 downloads