SL3 2-3 (The king of Low End PC ENB) by saite_20121,831 downloads
FA-18 OP Desert Storm Rocket Launch Sound Mod by georgg1996707 downloads
McDonald's mod v.3 by Littlejoe-421,029 downloads
X_Project 2 ENB by DeN4iK_721,166 downloads
BMW M3 GTR sound v1.0 by Augustboiboi2,365 downloads
Liberty Sheriff and LCPD Patrol by jelliott36912,282 downloads
Stratum coupe (beta) by jaymeeduardo332 downloads
KTM EXC 450 mønster texture by noodt1,863 downloads

Knight Rider Kitt Voice by bstark31,192 downloads
Turbo Flutter Sound Mod v.2 by vagenrider3,604 downloads
BF3 Loading Screen (V1) by FuNKo1_2361 downloads
Arun's -ENB for low end PC v3.0 by frostarun_gta48,460 downloads
Pramkies Enb Modified by NikosBellic_8982,250 downloads
Golf MKIII Speedo Skin V.2 by Squier1,124 downloads
Leafier Trees and Setting Texture (Update) by Aditya_Fauzi563 downloads
Regina coupe by jaymeeduardo592 downloads

Comet Tribal Dragon Lights by Algonquin Hood229 downloads
CLEAN RAGE- 2013(with ssao) by frostarun_gta4618 downloads
Natural light1.5v5.1 by akdall1,112 downloads
Licor 43 / Block 43 by GPDRIFTKING312 downloads
FuStw Autobahnpolizei Brandenburg by 112Design448 downloads
Realistic Traffic by JeayS2,373 downloads
Arun's-REFLECTION ENB for ALL PC by frostarun_gta41,130 downloads
Icenhancer for low end Pc 2013 by Gabriel.Augusto1,181 downloads

Natural 1.5v4 by akdall1,249 downloads
Newbee Mixed ENB 2.0 by newbee1,306 downloads
Dorset Police BMW X5 ARV [ELS] V1.01 by theunknown981,287 downloads
Blista Compact New Handling V.1 BETA by LimitedContra522 downloads
spXenb v4 Patch 1 by spycounter725 downloads
Driv3r Ambience Music by BecomingBigE363 downloads