Poorman's Enhancer v161F ENB 0.079 SORA by SuperAria181,815 downloads
Sports Car Sentinel Edited [Trial] by 2gholooha600 downloads
Collaider (SNT) by sergun99090740 downloads
ICEnhancers 2.0 By AlStarsKyz ( Modified ) by AlStarsKyz1,832 downloads
GTA IV - Water Texture Mod by AlStarsKyz2,605 downloads
ICE2.0N-tanzhenwengta Private Revision by tanzhenwengta2,047 downloads
Vice City Rage Intro by gta4maniac77859 downloads
Sentinel Convertible Extra by nervous94574 downloads

The HammerHancer (L3EVO 2012) ( by GTAHammer2,988 downloads
ProjectRAGE2 BETA2 by test111,594 downloads
Seafleet: Warships by metalwars38,040 downloads
New Colour and Radar mod by Aditya_Fauzi775 downloads
Space Dock Station by metalwars4,671 downloads
Blade Runner by demiourgos01,170 downloads
Futo Car Edit by 2gholooha364 downloads
NoF3ars Gionights's Edited Settings Tweaked by NoFearNa400 downloads

Realism Series - Bullet Impacts & Blood (GTA4 & EFLC) by ces20,358 downloads
Derby 8 Track (SNT) by sergun99090873 downloads
Tower Slide (SNT) by sergun99090671 downloads
Water Blender (SNT) by sergun99090610 downloads
British Police Siren V1 by MrSupersam141,762 downloads
Heli Cannon (SNT) by sergun99090866 downloads
Blender (SNT) by sergun990901,054 downloads
DarkOrion11's Graphic Mod V1.4 Enhanced Edition by DarkOrion114,415 downloads

iCEnhancer 2.0 for & EFLC by icelaglace, various authors25,202 downloads
*IceInhancer* Settings by NoFearNa636 downloads
Wapeddell Cinematic Enb Series V-2 by wapeddell947 downloads
HD Bus Stop Adverts by ZBNYNC3,086 downloads
HQ thunder sound by DK ZONE1,762 downloads
RX7 Veilside Drift Easy Handling by Nervous946,978 downloads