Audi A8 Macedonian License Plates by stickface972,072 downloads
Esperanto Mod by cromchen705 downloads
Real Shop V1.5 HD by devilgtaIV3,817 downloads
Trailer Billboards V2.0 by ZBNYNC988 downloads
ENB Series by Kamaz431183,718 downloads
Lamborghini Gallardo soundmod v2 by TheGtaivmodder2,112 downloads
Awesomekills ENB Settings [] by Awesomekills3,095 downloads
More pedestrians and traffic by LSP6,134 downloads

Raccoon Police Station by cadu_zimba794 downloads
L1nux Realistic ENB by L1nux1,811 downloads
Best ENB 1.0.7 by DarkKnight!2,302 downloads
Real Shops v1.4 HD by devilgtaIV7,896 downloads
Ultimate Realistic Graphic 2012! by Exelance105,010 downloads
Ownallday's Custom ENB Config GTA 4 and EFLC Newest Patch by Ownallday1,079 downloads
Added Cars Pack by ibhso5,114 downloads
Slovensky preklad pre GTA IV / Slovak Language for GTA IV by martin.svk841 downloads

Willard DUB Edition by DeltaforceGTA & cromchen440 downloads
Rancher (Beta) by Dzbrothers272 downloads
MUSE 2012 ENB by kp6702957 downloads
Ford GT1000 HD Vinyl by MONSTERaider470 downloads
Vigero Mod 2 by cromchen790 downloads
CG4 Radar/Map Mod v1.21 (optional) by CGI4U3,082 downloads
CG4 Radar/Map Mod v1.2 by CGI4U21,983 downloads
Nestea ENB 1.0.7 by Nestea4,452 downloads

Explosion & Fire Tweak v1.0 by metalwars8,728 downloads
US Mail Skin for Mercedes Benz Sprinter by Gunsmoke90227 downloads
NY Ambulance (MS Medical Services) by PhixaL582 downloads
Real Shop V1.3 Real HD Texture by devilgtaIV2,220 downloads
New Loading Screens by viper33assasin1,524 downloads
Ultimate Graphics Mod V1 by AussieProGamer9,572 downloads