Red Sky bug Fix by Hunter3333,809 downloads
ICEnhancer 2.0 for low end PCs by PsychoMaTic-7,057 downloads
Ford F150 Raptor ECOBoost Paint Job by Pitbull97 (Pitbull)1,107 downloads
Extremely Impossible Drift Line by call911roku592 downloads
Crash mod amplify and Porsche GT3 RS more Real by Laak1,057 downloads
iCEnight (Mix of iCEnhancer and Gionights enb) by Rav41,856 downloads
Dodge Viper V10 Sound by rkmario2,639 downloads
HyperZ ENB setting Beta v1 by HyperZ2,041 downloads

Comet Tuning by TheGtaivmodder928 downloads
New Dukes by TheGtaivmodder558 downloads
ENB - FLPC v2.0 by Well I Am508 downloads
FutoCat v2 by cromchen914 downloads
Ddevil - Two Diabolical Porsche Skins by Dark641,214 downloads
H1Vltg3 iCEnhancer 2.0 Modified Settings by H1Vltg35,559 downloads
2011 F150 SVT Raptor ArmyRat/HoodRide by tiagoesanto851 downloads
Ruiner Trophy Truck by DeltaforceGTA & Cromchen540 downloads

GTA IV GPS PT-BR by gabriel041,914 downloads
Awesomekills ENB Settings v2.0 by Awesomekills2,914 downloads
ChikamruENB 1.1 (EFLC or by Chikamru5,477 downloads
GTA IV Point Blank 0.1 by mascotefera652 downloads
Zó-Tweak ENB Pack 2 by zosto1,289 downloads
injectSMAA - Antialiasing in GTA IV / EFLC by Andrej Dudenhefner27,883 downloads
Real Shop v1.6 by devilgtaIV7,815 downloads
Diamond Realistic Graphics IV by gjjunco1,452 downloads

ENB For Low End PCs by vidur32,404 downloads
Fixed iCEnhancer 2.0N by Rusterr5,885 downloads
Drift Around the City by ledbus447 downloads
EDGE v2.4 [r1] [] by EDGE1,981 downloads
Stretch E by Kona61 & cromchen1,605 downloads
GTA IV Luxville by mascotefera679 downloads