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ChikamruENB 1.0 (EFLC or by Chikamru1,676 downloads
ENB for EFLC [Final] by Various Authors16,096 downloads
Algonquin Texture Mod by ZBNYNC3,311 downloads
Inside Playboy X's apartment by Gazakiz349 downloads
TLAD Bati 800 for GTA IV by Danny3266954 downloads
GTA IV Stanier Atomic by cromchen613 downloads
TBoGT Vader for GTA IV by Danny3266612 downloads
Stretch Mod by cromchen1,584 downloads

ENB Series for EFLC by Various Authors4,349 downloads
BOV MegaPack by G45P4R1,248 downloads
ENB Real IV by alex pong111,543 downloads
Tank Bus by DeltaforceGTA & cromchen1,851 downloads
2010 Porsche Hatsune Miku GSR V1.0 by carbp2,598 downloads
Rockstar Loading Screens by Hernandez966 downloads
Unlimited Graphics by aztec20121,829 downloads
ENB series 0.082 FPS - Quality by PxL4,550 downloads

Vanilla IcE (IcEnhacer mod) by Well I Am599 downloads
Euro 2012 Skin Pack for Mercedes Sprinter by simon1790909 downloads
Vigero V3 by cromchen1,073 downloads
Arai Helmet Collection by twinz944,103 downloads
Real Shop V1.5.1 by devilgtaIV3,325 downloads
HQ Car Plates for car mods by simon17901,591 downloads
ENB Settings v3.5 by Vucko14,662 downloads
NRG500 for GTA IV by TheGtaivmodder653 downloads

Zó Tweak ENB+ Special carpack( 170MB) by 1,154 downloads
iCEnhancer 2.0N - ENB Graphic Mod by icelaglace260,766 downloads
Audi A8 Macedonian License Plates by stickface972,215 downloads
Esperanto Mod by cromchen776 downloads
Real Shop V1.5 HD by devilgtaIV4,005 downloads
Trailer Billboards V2.0 by ZBNYNC1,089 downloads