Vice City Rage Launcher Bypass (EFLC) by zzcool & ShakingASS1,762 downloads
Taxi Bus Ads by Littlejoe-421,314 downloads
Realistic Handling v1.0 by //ReVO Graphics5,726 downloads
iCEnhancer 1.35 - Ultimate Steam Edition by PINGUY14,009 downloads
Cavalcade Raptor by DeltaforceGTA1,270 downloads
iCEnhancer 1.2 fixed ENB Settings by Awesomekills3,187 downloads
Graphics for 1.06 & by khaled.dz1,415 downloads
(Aus) Taxi skin pack for Chevrolet Caprice by utymmn361 downloads

GTA IV EMB by TheGloveCleaner1,418 downloads
License Plate + Tyre Textures by maxaktau1,132 downloads
Rim and light tuning Mod by DeltaforceGTA906 downloads
New CD Spinner by rumblylwc472 downloads
Crysis Nanosuit Abilities, Bullettime, and Gesture Mods Bind To Xbox 360 Controller by wapeddell1,660 downloads
Amplified Rumble For Xbox 360 Controller and Supported Controllers Only by wapeddell874 downloads
Wheel Mod by DeltaforceGTA841 downloads
Brazilian Stores by ELTON1981437 downloads

Real Shops Mod v1.1 by devilgtaIV2,639 downloads
Cluckin' Cops by GuitaristDog206 downloads
Romero LX Vision by DeltaforceGTA & cromchen1,058 downloads
My Commandline Configurations v1.0 by //ReVO Graphics5,680 downloads
Sentinel XS by DeltaforceGTA/cromchen682 downloads
Schafter RS by DeltaforceGTA752 downloads
GEVX-Nnv-Updates by ZeroNoKiseki1,039 downloads
Real Shops Mod v1.0 by devilgtaIV2,633 downloads

Feltzer Drift Tec by gta4tank & lol derpy derp1,014 downloads
Wapeddell Enb Series Config 2012 by wapeddell543 downloads
HD iPod (MP3 replacement) 2.0 by MorphMan570 downloads
Feltzer GT Turbo by nervous94463 downloads
New Soda Vending Machines V1.0 by Fizzy1,419 downloads
Anamorphic Lens Flare Mod v1.0 by apixz582 downloads