Lag/FPS commandline fix by PatolTV3,817 downloads
NYC Emergency Services by TheGloveCleaner993 downloads
Mercedes Loadscreens (No Characters) by dovis3467 downloads
Offshore Military Base v0.1 by Working-mods952 downloads
GTX ENBSeries V00.82 by insideGTX1,618 downloads
Vigero Mod by cromchen570 downloads
Snowy Mt. Akina by yups13iryu & Sgt.Kanyo2,779 downloads
The Real Liberty City ( EMB) by TheGloveCleaner1,195 downloads

RP House by jelle12122,464 downloads
TLAD HUD for GTA IV by PatolTV402 downloads
BMW Loadscreans (Without Characters) by dovis31,231 downloads
Keypad for Galaxy S2 by nascarien5,156 downloads
Penthouse 2 *BETA* by Working-mods374 downloads
Project RAGE2 BETA! by test112,618 downloads
Peyote V10 SuperCharger Turbo by nervous94460 downloads
EDGE v2.2 [] by EDGE3,774 downloads

World Trade Center Mod Christmas Special by hbx845,215 downloads
Rebla Final and Turismo Final by cromchen901 downloads
Lamborghini Gallardo Sound Mod by TheGtaivmodder2,093 downloads
Subaru Impreza Sound Mod by TheGtaivmodder1,314 downloads
Chinatown Shop Texture (WIP) by devilgtaIV1,106 downloads
GEVX-Nnv by ZeroNoKiseki1,361 downloads
Peyote Beta 1 by nervous94260 downloads
Turismo Spider by jaymeeduardo833 downloads

Realistic Ragdolls v1.1 by RogueGamer3,529 downloads
Samsung Galaxy S2 by wapeddell32,698 downloads
Everyone Hates Niko by Gus Erlangga1,261 downloads
Epic Graphix IV *updated* by DeltaforceGTA1,840 downloads
Realism Series - Rain & Thunder Sounds by ces11,945 downloads
ZTE Blade by huckleberrypie3,221 downloads