Loading Screens by rumblylwc1,168 downloads
Lamborghini Murcielago Engine Sound by rkmario4,113 downloads
Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Engine Sound by rkmario4,633 downloads
Broker Texture Mod V2.0 by ZBNYNC2,372 downloads
Box Texture Logos V2.0 by ZBNYNC2,763 downloads
GTA IV Crosshair Mod (CSS) v1.0 by hirntotberlin3,202 downloads
Sultan RS Street Turbo by Nervous941,215 downloads
MEGA GTA4 NYC Mod Pack by gta4addict3,540 downloads

Zombie Defense Base v0.2 by Working-mods1,265 downloads
Double Island Jump by mxdawgg1,552 downloads
Tweak ALL the peds! [TAP MOD] by Casull1627,438 downloads
Bigger and Realistic Explosion Mod V.3 by NGT16,820 downloads
EFLC - ENB (2012) by Various Authors8,640 downloads
Ferrari V8 Sound by rkmario14,930 downloads
Ultimate Steam Edition Mod Pack V2.1 by PINGUY3,826 downloads
Front Mission Skin Mod v1.0 by metalwars2,656 downloads

Bus Shelter Ads by Littlejoe-421,151 downloads
Vice City Rage Launcher Bypass (EFLC) by zzcool & ShakingASS2,715 downloads
Taxi Bus Ads by Littlejoe-421,969 downloads
Realistic Handling v1.0 by //ReVO Graphics6,865 downloads
iCEnhancer 1.35 - Ultimate Steam Edition by PINGUY14,788 downloads
Cavalcade Raptor by DeltaforceGTA1,792 downloads
iCEnhancer 1.2 fixed ENB Settings by Awesomekills3,711 downloads
Graphics for 1.06 & by khaled.dz1,851 downloads

(Aus) Taxi skin pack for Chevrolet Caprice by utymmn794 downloads
GTA IV EMB by TheGloveCleaner1,944 downloads
License Plate + Tyre Textures by maxaktau1,626 downloads
Rim and light tuning Mod by DeltaforceGTA1,390 downloads
New CD Spinner by rumblylwc989 downloads
Crysis Nanosuit Abilities, Bullettime, and Gesture Mods Bind To Xbox 360 Controller by wapeddell2,355 downloads