Roman's House Texture mod by aksine3,617 downloads
Bigger and Realistic Explosion Mod V.2 by NGT50,240 downloads
Seacrest Count Texture by vsp292 downloads
Wheel Mod 3 by cromchen635 downloads
IVSA for Games for Windows LIVE by fulmjacket762 downloads
RAGE BEST 7-9 by tiagoesanto1,169 downloads
Esperanto Mod by cromchen642 downloads
Better Handling and Sound for GoKart mod by CommanderGTAIV384 downloads

N-RAGE ENB by Neolux15,077 downloads
Custom Chavos by NinZa340 downloads
Ramp #4 by DanielBOY1200382 downloads
Voodoo Cabrio by cromchen685 downloads
Custom Faggio by NinZa869 downloads
Delorean Dmc-12 Speedometer by cx3601,389 downloads
Drift Handling by XtremeIV1,372 downloads
Dark Knight Phone Theme by Voraxith2,952 downloads

Esperanto v2 by cromchen823 downloads
Need for Speed HP siren for GTA IV by SharpCommand3,556 downloads
Castle by TheLastCommand & zand3r474 downloads
ENB Settings v3 by Vucko13,835 downloads
Esperanto v1 by cromchen563 downloads
JaX's Counter Strike Crosshair by JaX1,246 downloads
X2VMU v1.499 End Version! by GIGABYTE-V991,229 downloads
DarK64 Graphic ENB Settings by Dark644,353 downloads

GTA IV EFLC Real Graphic HD by djcoss1,765 downloads
Car Dirt Texture Mod by aksine1,395 downloads
Realism Traffic/Pedestrian Mini-Mod by GrandMaztahAce21,581 downloads
Grand Theft Auto IV Real Graphics 1.25 by djcoss2,478 downloads
GTA IV/EFLC trainer buildings by zand3r543 downloads
Heat Gun Sound Mod by GrandMaztahAce1,385 downloads