Voix GPS FR (French GPS Voice) by bugmanfr1,041 downloads
Buccaneer Mod by cromchen531 downloads
Improved Futo GT 4.0 by AXE1221546 downloads
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Croatian Police by tyhycro870 downloads
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Zagreb Ambulance by tyhycro961 downloads
Audi RS4 Croatian Police skin by Rapyz963 downloads
HUD and Car Color Mod V 1.2 by LamboFreak682 downloads
Woolworths Skin for Scania R580 Tandem by utymmn308 downloads

Wheel Mod 4 by cromchen681 downloads
Realistic Vehicle Car Pack v1 with normalized physics by ibhso9,413 downloads
RealityIV ENB Beta WIP 1.0 by DKT7012,663 downloads
No RGSC and hud with TLAD by RPRT071,914 downloads
VIVA New York by Emble10,741 downloads
GTA IV Better City Textures by 0hiena012,629 downloads
Westpac Rescue (Aus) skin for Essex Police Chopper V2 by utymmn355 downloads
Schafter Handling lines (includes drift lines) by Working-mods310 downloads

Australia Post Skin for Scania R580 Tandem by utymmn337 downloads
Peugeot 508 Polish Police by simon17901,623 downloads
Super D and D2 by Kona61497 downloads
Mercedes-Benz Viano Croatian police by tyhycro570 downloads
Sanchez Street Drift Beta by nervous94753 downloads
Turismo Drifting Handling by Gender79648 downloads
Dukes/Bobcat handling upgrade by Gender79229 downloads
Croatian Police Skin for Pathfinder by tyhycro474 downloads

FBI Mod by cromchen1,347 downloads
Project REALITY II by taherabbasali1,774 downloads
Convulsion by utymmn 1,348 downloads
Blood Spurts / Visual Bleeding by utymmn3,205 downloads
Futo with Sultan RS Rims by gta4tank331 downloads
HIdroENB v2 Graphic by hidrogen09590 downloads