Feltzer Drift Tec by gta4tank & lol derpy derp1,037 downloads
Wapeddell Enb Series Config 2012 by wapeddell564 downloads
HD iPod (MP3 replacement) 2.0 by MorphMan582 downloads
Feltzer GT Turbo by nervous94478 downloads
New Soda Vending Machines V1.0 by Fizzy1,443 downloads
Anamorphic Lens Flare Mod v1.0 by apixz609 downloads
Ownallday's Custom ENB Config by Ownallday825 downloads
NYC Public Services (Beta) by TheGloveCleaner962 downloads

Feltzer GT by DeltaforceGTA/cromchen713 downloads
IV:SA² Snow Edition by Blaster_nl3,586 downloads
Romero DUB Edition [wheel mod] by DeltaforceGTA/cromchen677 downloads
ENB 0.82 + FXAA - Sharp and Clear by Mr.Cigar6,420 downloads
Real Shops Beta by devilgtaIV1,118 downloads
ENB Series Power Graphics by djcoss1,371 downloads
ENBsEries Graphic Mod 0.082 v2.2 BETA by Damian9891214,589 downloads
Schafter Turbo V12 by nervous94646 downloads

Luxury Ferrari Apartment by Styrke931,178 downloads
Comet beta by cromchen630 downloads
SPA Francorchamps (Beta) by Onclsam13 & Tanjes7,486 downloads
Villa Red Dead Desert by Styrke93909 downloads
L3EVO (2012 NY) v1.2 NVidia by lpf31239,842 downloads
Drift аnд Speed Handling by MrAldebaran993,224 downloads
GTAIV Commandline listing and Sample by twattyballs2011 -AKA- ToneBee20112,639 downloads
Shindang 1.1 ENB Graphic Mod by arcencieshin1,487 downloads

Croatian Police Helicopter by tyhycro808 downloads
High Speed Ring by Iryu2,185 downloads
Lag/FPS commandline fix by PatolTV4,166 downloads
NYC Emergency Services by TheGloveCleaner1,037 downloads
Mercedes Loadscreens (No Characters) by dovis3478 downloads
Offshore Military Base v0.1 by Working-mods1,004 downloads