iCEnhancer 1.35 - ENB Graphic mod by icelaglace127,485 downloads
Timecycle patch by RonyBrazilmod854 downloads
EDGE v1.04 [] by EDGE8,316 downloads
Turismo v1 Finale by cromchen1,038 downloads
Better handling for Speedo Ambulance by huyingjie62572 downloads
ExtremeENB-V2 (Beta) by 0519XZY1,320 downloads
Improved Sultan RS Turbo and Sounds by polapop2,439 downloads
My iCEnhancer 1.3 Settings EFLC by ijustkilledu0071,436 downloads

Various Goth Rock Background Phone Themes by Voraxith668 downloads
Comet Mod by cromchen789 downloads
GTA IV Extreme Graphics by djcoss3,768 downloads
Roman's House Texture mod by aksine3,767 downloads
Bigger and Realistic Explosion Mod V.2 by NGT53,841 downloads
Seacrest Count Texture by vsp308 downloads
Wheel Mod 3 by cromchen689 downloads
IVSA for Games for Windows LIVE by fulmjacket791 downloads

RAGE BEST 7-9 by tiagoesanto1,205 downloads
Esperanto Mod by cromchen693 downloads
Better Handling and Sound for GoKart mod by CommanderGTAIV416 downloads
N-RAGE ENB by Neolux15,481 downloads
Custom Chavos by NinZa360 downloads
Ramp #4 by DanielBOY1200406 downloads
Voodoo Cabrio by cromchen741 downloads
Custom Faggio by NinZa930 downloads

Delorean Dmc-12 Speedometer by cx3601,431 downloads
Drift Handling by XtremeIV1,397 downloads
Dark Knight Phone Theme by Voraxith3,054 downloads
Esperanto v2 by cromchen893 downloads
Need for Speed HP siren for GTA IV by SharpCommand3,665 downloads
Castle by TheLastCommand & zand3r499 downloads