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No Intro Logos

by FunGt
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This mod disables the intro logos in GTA IV. Now, when you run the game, you'll immediately see the menu.
7.80/10 - 179 votes
Downloads: 88,706
Added: December 9, 2008 1:04PM
Last Downloaded: July 7, 2015 12:45AM
File Size: 4 B
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greatest mod ever.
Posted on February 22, 2010 8:39PM by xoti
Great, thanks.

Really helps with bouncing in and out of the game to mess with settings.
Posted on February 26, 2010 2:10AM by SyphonX
Love this mod!!!..Thanks
Posted on July 19, 2010 12:07AM by Sufikhan
doesn't work
Posted on February 25, 2011 10:48PM by jizzeverywhere
Works great! Thanks a mill!
Posted on July 15, 2011 8:16PM by 2TimesACharm
It's the best no intro mod I've ever seen

It also works in Episodes from Liberty City

great work
Posted on July 25, 2011 6:31AM by VHFG22
nice mod

Posted on May 5, 2012 6:21PM by jamie360boy
Can somebody make a mod which lets you destroy the tiny trees in GTA IV? It would be little but important twist in my opinion. :)
Posted on June 1, 2012 3:25PM by spoonda
Great mod, 10/10
Posted on November 11, 2012 10:31AM by caleb200790
Worked for me on But not on :(
Posted on March 29, 2013 5:56PM by mrmadmadman
awesome 10/10
Posted on May 10, 2013 12:28AM by teamsamson888
Screen loaded normally

Rated: 1/10
Posted on May 11, 2013 8:01PM by Jinco
does it work
Posted on June 11, 2013 11:57AM by Curtisawesome
Messes up if you use icEhancer, Fix that and it'll be 10/10.
Posted on June 24, 2013 9:41AM by Mandydeth
Posted on August 21, 2013 6:39PM by canaletto
if you have icenhancer or enb series installed then this might not work like me :(
Posted on August 22, 2013 4:40AM by TheRandomGuy
doesnt work with enbseries. shame
Posted on September 20, 2013 2:41PM by LuminatX
did not work for me

Rated: 1/10
Posted on November 4, 2013 4:53AM by m_loveing20
thanks! 10/10
Posted on February 5, 2014 9:59AM by EKKE47
GTA IV/Common/data

if it doesn't work, your IV is defective
Posted on March 7, 2014 9:03PM by chickenfoot5
It works perfectly fine

Posted on May 15, 2014 9:31AM by emmanicolaides
Merci ^^

Posted on May 25, 2014 12:57PM by jomaxxxx
This is great THANKS!
Posted on May 31, 2014 11:18AM by kyleireland
It doesn't work, it either fails to do what it should, or it crashes. You suck, learn to make mods, jack*ss.

Rated: 1/10
Posted on December 24, 2014 7:12PM by Oshikaru-sensei
haha great!
Posted on January 17, 2015 11:23AM by Galneryus
Amazing. This works even though I have an ENB series - really helps me with tweaking files and .ini files.
Posted on April 12, 2015 11:57AM by Maaz
Does not work!
Posted on April 26, 2015 6:16PM by slipkid69
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