Remove Logos from NOOSE

by Dmitri Karov
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I've searched and searched and searched for at least a week for a high-quality or at least no-logo mod for the NOOSE soldiers. I always used Simple Native Trainer to change into one, and the NOOSE and SWAT and FBI didn't really fit with me. I mean honestly, what kind of an FBI agent raids a police department, killing everyone nearby?

This is why I created this. I run GTA4 on a low-quality, and this looks fine for me. On some REALLY high quality machines, it may look shoddy. Anyways, it removes decals from the back of the NOOSE agent, the front pocket of the agent, the Blackhawk, and the Armored Vehicle (Noose Stockade). It makes them a simple black, and gray (Soldier's decal).

This is version 1.2, due to 1.0 (Not released) had the Blackhawk's decals removed, 1.1 had the stockade's decals removed, and 1.2 removed the decals from the soldier.

Spark IV
ComponentPeds.img and Vehicles.img (Default in GTA4) still in GTA 4.

(**How to instal**)
Install SparkIV
Run SparkIV
Scroll down to PC - Models - Cdimages (Cdimages is at the bottom)
Click on Cdimages.
Double Click on VEHICLES.IMG
Import annihilator.wtd, nstockade.wtd
Click the X, go back to Cdimages
Double click Componentpeds.img
Close out
Close out
Run GTA 4 and play.

GTA 4 is being a real jerk about pics, so I've uploaded a few Spark IV pics of the vehicle mods and the clothing mod. "Oh look! You pressed print screen. LOLNO you're not allowed to use that" "Oh look! You pressed f2 trying to get a pic! We made a .cli file so you can't open it, you're welcome!"
"Oh look! You used the Camera, nice job getting pics that you can't find, use, or see clearly"

The pics are of the actual files in the WTD, the black screen is what replaces the decals.

If anyone knows how to get pics from GTA4, tell me. Or if you have pics, I'd appreciate links so I can update this :D Replaces: nstockade.wtd annihilator.wtd m_y_swat.wtd
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Can we have a picture?
Posted on December 29, 2010 9:24PM by ZBNYNC
Oh *, sorry, it had it on gtagaming. I'll get some up.
Posted on December 30, 2010 1:41AM by Dmitri Karov - you can take in-game screenshots with this
Posted on December 31, 2010 12:49PM by rappo ✮
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