Vehicle Suspension Tweak

by Regor245
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This is a tweak for the very soft suspension of GTA IV (It was like driving a boat before, when you are steering left and right).

Note: I haven't tested all Vehicles yet but it should work for most.

-Backup your original file.

-Copy and Paste handling.dat file to Program Files > Rockstar Games > Grand Theft Auto IV > common > data.

-If you want to do it manually (e.g you have a car mod with custom handling).

1) Open Handling.dat file with Notepad or use GTAIV handling editor in Handling Editor folder then load your handling.dat file.

2) Just change Center of Mass Z to -0.35 (Check the screenshot in Handling Editor Folder)

You can also use any value between -0.30 and -0.40 (Go higher than -0.40 if still not stable)

3) Save/Save as

4) Copy and Paste handling.dat file to Program Files > Rockstar Games > Grand Theft Auto IV > common > data.

-This is based on my taste

-Sorry for my english


Handling Editor by CoMPuTer MAsSteR [.:AKA:.] CoMPMStR


-Sanchez handling a bit tweaked.

Transmission from 4 Speed to 5 Speed
Stronger Engine
Reduced Brake Force

Top Speed 156kph Replaces: handling.dat
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original gta iv cars

SuspensionForce 4.0

SuspensionCompDamp 3.0

SuspensionReboundDamp 3.0

exported from zmod cars

SuspensionForce 8.0

SuspensionCompDamp 6.0

SuspensionReboundDamp 6.0

i think is best to not mess with weight

Posted on November 6, 2012 3:35PM by Tatsuo
This seems more like topic for fourms than it is A mod!

Posted on November 6, 2012 7:07PM by fulmjacket
Z value makes it lean less where stiffness is also affected. for example you'll want very soft suspension and go up with Z value(up i mean less negative) and vehicle will start flipping. You really gonna have to do combination of Z value, Force and Compression-Rebound values to overhaul. I start usually like this:

1 - Compression-Rebound - spring softness i want

2 - Center Of Mass Z - more or less leaning

3 - Force - get suspension slow or fast (slow for Cadillac feel, fast for sport cars)

4 - Raise - how much lift i want to add

5 - Center Of Mass Y - to get back slightly higher then front.

6 - Bias - to make harder suspension in back (for duallys and other trucks).

Hope it helps somebody
Posted on November 6, 2012 11:11PM by tall70
@tall70 thanks


Vehicle Suspension Tweak UPDATE: Just some minor changes/fix.

No time to upload a new one so i just pasted it on


Ok, i just tested all cars and i tried to fix some of it. I've only changed the Z value on Ceter Of Mass. Because some cars doesn't "lean" and some cars are still having too soft suspension.

1) Open link then copy all text

2) Open your handling.dat file

3) Press CTRL + A (All texts will be highlighted)

4) Press Delete

5) Paste the new handling from the link

6) Save it

Note: This is only for stock/original GTA IV vehicles.

I know this is still not a perfect tweak/tune on GTA IV vehicles. If you like it then keep it and if you don't like it just put back your original file

Posted on November 7, 2012 3:41AM by Regor245
Correct me if I'm wrong , these information based on what i understood from many topics and my tweaks :

As far as I know the Center of mass z,y and x is how much wight & mass in each point of the car dimension , it will effect the suspensions at the end but although it's not the perfect way to change the car suspensions from H > S or S > H , because messing with these value will make some cars (specially modded cars) either A) shakes B) flip very fast C) a bug in car doors opening and sometimes you won't be able to enter the car.

in the other hand playing with : 1) suspensions force (sf) 2) suspensionsCompDamp (scd) 3) suspensionsReboundDamp (Srd) is the best way to change the suspensions from hard to soft for exp.:

sf= 3.0

Scd= 2.5

Srd = 2.5

that is hard suspensions

sf= 2.5

scd= 1.4


thats will be soft suspension

As I said i'm not an expert in modding :) but I've done this many times to change suspensions from hard to soft or the other way with no problems/bugs at all.

Posted on November 8, 2012 5:33PM by Deve
It doesn't save changes. So it's useless.
Posted on March 16, 2013 4:43AM by Latetzki
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