Adidas Rasta-Jacket

by individual1
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Adidas rasta jacket
Over the last few months there have been an incredible amount of new car mods being released for GTA4, I love the new car mods and can't wait to see more appear. However I realised that I was getting bored of my same old shabby looking clothes while I jumped into my new shiny car.

So over the next few weeks I'll be releasing a series of Hi-Def clothes (Adidas, Stussy, Zoo York...) to mention a few. This way we can call all look pimping in our new cars and clothes. I hope you'll
all enjoy them :-)

Feel free to distribute this mod to other site, but please give all credits to me.

ps. v1.1 = Adjusted adidas texture logo on back of jacket, now more clear for those with low spec graphics.

Thanks, (individual1) Replaces: Blue/Green jacket in Russia shop
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Added: August 25, 2009 8:31PM
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