Armoured Cop

by Custo
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The Armoured Security Guard is now part of the LCPD!

With his armor and shielded helmet, he's ready for any crime that comes his way. Be prepared Liberty, a new officer has joined the force, and he don't take *!

More info in read me.
Also comes with backup of all files that are replaced by this mod.

Enjoy! And no steal. Replaces: m_m_armoured.wtd; pedgrp.dat; pedpersonality.dat; peds.ide; pedVariations.dat
7.41/10 - 32 votes
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Added: January 9, 2010 1:10AM
Last Downloaded: April 27, 2017 10:18PM
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this is crap
Posted on January 9, 2010 4:25AM by Scroshi112
It looks cool, but if every cop is black, that's a bit weird. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a racist! But it looks dumb if every cop is the same... And next to that, cops wearing a tie do not wear a helmet. xD
Posted on January 9, 2010 5:44AM by DvT
ahaha,funny mod but cool !! . I agree with DvT . Can u make V2 :D ? could be awesome,if cops random wear this :)
Posted on January 9, 2010 7:46AM by ZyxArtix
Good idea,man!Keep the good work!I will wait for a update...
Posted on January 9, 2010 9:38AM by ullan
Very creative dude, looks great ingame :D
Posted on January 9, 2010 10:42AM by K6Productions
Nice its awesome
Posted on January 10, 2010 2:14PM by Dot1234
Good...Thanks for share
Posted on July 19, 2010 4:15AM by l19980623
they look like the cops got skull issues
Posted on May 11, 2013 6:43PM by chuckyyes10
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