by indirivacua
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Horse Ped MOD by indirivacua-stanchi-cacho98

Thanks to zzcool and ac.amir :D

Replace with openIV = componentpeds.img
Save and Rebuild
Enjoy :D Replaces: ig_brucie
7.22/10 - 27 votes
Downloads: 11,025
Added: August 4, 2012 2:07PM
Last Downloaded: April 25, 2017 12:43PM
File Size: 3.18 MB
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To bad its a ped and not an transport =)
Posted on August 4, 2012 3:42PM by stilldre
Replaces: ig_brucie ?

kkkkkkkkkkkk LOL

great job!

Posted on August 4, 2012 4:36PM by jorgehunter
wut lol 10-10
Posted on August 4, 2012 6:46PM by Tori
plss make horse in transport
Posted on August 4, 2012 6:47PM by KuriKurimaw
Posted on August 4, 2012 10:58PM by Chalenger911
after "DINO & SPONGEBOB & TROLL & SONNY and comes HORSY"


THANKS anyway ! 10/10
Posted on August 4, 2012 11:34PM by blablablablabla
oh yeah

Posted on August 5, 2012 4:31AM by sya_hid
great work 10/10
Posted on August 5, 2012 9:09AM by ac.amir
Thanks! :)
Posted on August 5, 2012 4:06PM by indirivacua
pewdiepie made a video of this and considering i was involved in this mod it is quite an honor :)
Posted on August 11, 2012 10:14AM by zzcool
I want it to be my player model :/
Posted on August 12, 2012 6:22PM by d00ult
Posted on August 13, 2012 10:02PM by blablablablabla
hahahahaha funny
Posted on October 6, 2012 6:53PM by RedBullMaster
Brucie is a horse ololoolol
Posted on November 20, 2012 3:53PM by astatas18
Posted on November 22, 2012 12:17PM by jah
I dont know what im doing wrong, but i cant change my own characters skin to a horse. is there something im missing
Posted on February 25, 2013 4:14AM by Migilikuty
Would it be possible to put a rider on the horse?

That way, it could replace the jogger and look like someone riding a horse in the park.
Posted on March 30, 2013 1:50PM by Littlejoe-42
i'm trying to open the link but it won't open. it's an RAR file? can someone please help me try to open it?
Posted on June 3, 2013 8:51PM by Stars&Stripes
ehm how am i supose to install elephant mod to if they have same character?? bruice
Posted on July 18, 2013 6:04PM by yoloswag192
can some one make this for say like a motercycle ?
Posted on September 2, 2013 2:45PM by ProudNoob3
Make a mod that allows you to ride the horse
Posted on January 18, 2014 7:43AM by Frances HB
ProudNoob3:Try changing the name to a bike and replace the bike.maybe that will work.i am not sure............REMEMBER to backup first :)

Posted on May 2, 2014 1:53AM by siam
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