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Iron Man Mark II

by Quechus13
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***Iron Man Mark II By Quechus13***


1- Open Open IV and Open componentpeds.img
2- Replace the ped you want

How to install Mark II Menu Picture:

You will need the Iron Man IV mod for this to work.
Rename the PNG picture included to the desired mark armor to replace from the mod which should be in the Iron Man Files folder on your scripts folder.

Now just replace the iron man armor included on this rar and you should be good to go.


You can make a video of my mods as long as you FULLY credit me in your video (credit on description and at the end of the video).

Model: Gameloft, Marvel, Quechus13 (Edited a lot)
Textures: Gameloft, Marvel, Quechus13 (Spec, Normal and Reflection Maps)

Check out my YouTube Channel!


Check out my Facebook and be sure to LIKE it for future mods!

http://www.facebook.com/skinfillquechus13 Replaces: any ped.
9.33/10 - 18 votes
Downloads: 7,098
Added: May 3, 2013 4:04AM
Last Downloaded: July 3, 2015 6:48PM
File Size: 3.10 MB
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wow this ones nice. I was going to say there are too many ironman suits right now but this one looks pretty solid 10 10
Posted on May 3, 2013 4:32AM by normalguy
hello guys

i have 10 iron mans all ally but ill make this one enemy :)
Posted on May 3, 2013 6:18AM by danial
Make Wonder Woman from Injustice: Gods Among Us, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on May 3, 2013 12:34PM by Artur12011991
GREAT WORK Quechus13

all these iron man armours from you and wapedell look amazing!

make the hulkbuster suit from ironman 3
Posted on May 3, 2013 5:56PM by angrybird 2.0
Iron man,Iron man .......Had enough.

Rated: 3/10
Posted on May 3, 2013 10:36PM by rockstar2013
how did you unlock textures from game?

Posted on May 3, 2013 10:45PM by wraith21
Why do people rate because of how often the mod is made? This is the only Mark 2 mod anyway.

10/10 Great work
Posted on May 4, 2013 12:32AM by earljanxxx09

Only because your mods aren't that good doesn't mean you have to use another account to post crap on other people!
Posted on May 4, 2013 4:46AM by Quechus9
@ Quechus9,I don't know why some people are interested in these * mods.If you a good modder make a car or script.
Posted on May 4, 2013 7:35AM by rockstar2013
Anyway to have the mark 1 plz???
Posted on May 4, 2013 9:36AM by jumpman971
Terrific, it's so fun playing with this :) 10/10
Posted on May 4, 2013 11:17AM by dasupapwna

I'm not a scripter and I've done vehicle mods and map mods.

But you are the one who does PEDS all the time.
Posted on May 4, 2013 5:40PM by Quechus9
@Quechus9,I've never seen a good vehicles mods or maps from you.Any fool can make Player mods but no one can write a Script like us.

You always worked for money,Can you remember your topic in gtaforums.com?Youtube?My channel?
Posted on May 4, 2013 11:02PM by rockstar2013
If any fool can make a Player mod there would be more than 2 people making these Iron Man mods. Exactly what scripts have you done?

And doesn't work for money, if he did this would've not been free
Posted on May 4, 2013 11:47PM by 34R1
@ 34R1,My little brother(9 years old) can make a Player mod.I can't tell you everything about my works.

I and Quechus9 were working together on a project but he could not recall.You don't know this person,he always worked for money.
Posted on May 5, 2013 12:07AM by rockstar2013
I've never worked with a person named rockstar2013.

Yes I remember the topic of gtaforums and we are now in good terms and I only do videos for money I don't sell the mods.

If you got anything to say.. say it straight to me and stop being a * seriously.

I've done so much stuff.


TRON City Map Mod

Worked on IV SA.

I have many many stuff from SA and IV.

Posted on May 5, 2013 12:23AM by Quechus9
@Quechus9,Check your email!!
Posted on May 5, 2013 12:36AM by rockstar2013
"@Quechus9,I've never seen a good vehicles mods or maps from you.Any fool can make Player mods but no one can write a Script like us."

now im interested, what script for example?

also, those new iron man armors are just awesome, if you dont like dont download, you should rate the quality/performance/features, not if its "just another similar mod", go to iron man iv post and rate 1 (one) plz, you will feel better :)
Posted on May 5, 2013 2:26AM by JulioNIB
How about a player model of tony stark himself?
Posted on May 10, 2013 8:30AM by janetje
HEY i was gonna say that bro
Posted on May 13, 2013 8:58AM by danial
Great Job! Please make Mark 1 xD
Posted on July 30, 2013 8:57AM by Zerodarkage
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