Iron Man Mark VIII

by H1Vltg3
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Iron Man Mark VIII

By H1Vltg3

This suit is a mix of Mark VII, with the abs of Silver Centurion, smaller chest reactor, new paintjob and gold accents.

This may require a high end video card, especially if you're using it with a ton modded cars or ENB. This mod is very large due to the fact that the bump/spec/reflect maps are now added.


Installation -
Run OpenIV or SparkIV and simply replace all the files in your componentpeds.img with the ones in the rar folder

I also included an armor ini and png so he will load into Iron Man IV if you copy the scripts folder to your GTA IV folder.

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You can't make a video of my mod if you monetize it or get money from it in any way.
You can't convert it to any other game. Replaces: Any ped
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