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LCPD Formal Uniform

by Olanov
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The purpose of this mod is to give you, the player LCPD officers with formal uniforms on for video making, roleplaying or other purposes. It comes with multiple variations such as sergeant patches, different citation bars and even the ability to put on a mourning band for any of these variations. There are some known glitches such as the neck clipping and hands being at a slightly incorrect position but that's as far as I can get without having a 3D modeller help me.

I have included a picture in the preview to display how the clipping affects the ped. Do note that specific animations manipulate it to look better or worse. Replaces: Any ped you wish to
8.50/10 - 16 votes
Downloads: 2,328
Added: July 19, 2014 10:52PM
Last Downloaded: June 30, 2015 2:24PM
File Size: 1.05 MB
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Posted on July 20, 2014 12:06AM by GAMIR_GTA
could you make a HD one?

Posted on July 20, 2014 12:21AM by LCPD43057

I would but because of how the ped is mapped, I can't. All I can hope for is a 3D modeller notices this and has the time/motivation to fix it and make the citation bar and what not physical.


No, it's GIMP, you *.
Posted on July 20, 2014 12:23AM by Olanov
Not bad! 10/10!
Posted on July 20, 2014 12:41AM by ThatOneHick
I always wonder why people are making cops mods...? Personally I hate cops and what they represent (ie: just look at how they look ignorants, stupids and imbeciles from your own pics).

No rating thank you.

Posted on July 20, 2014 12:47AM by TerrorizerX

Oh, the irony.


Thank you! I know it's not perfect, but I tried.
Posted on July 20, 2014 12:50AM by Olanov

LOL, have you ever done a skin? No? That's what I thought.


top kek

Posted on July 20, 2014 6:04AM by Yard1
Very nice,

Rated: 10/10
Posted on July 20, 2014 9:43AM by JuanLi
u wot m8? get rekt! i done mods for l4d2 gtasa and other games

Rated: 1/10
Posted on July 20, 2014 1:49PM by GAMIR_GTA
Obvious troll is obvious.
Posted on July 20, 2014 2:21PM by Olanov
This makes me moist. Have a 10/10 rating.

@GAMIR_GTA: 1v1 me rust fgt.
Posted on July 20, 2014 2:40PM by Steve The Queer
K m8
Posted on July 20, 2014 9:57PM by GAMIR_GTA
Ah, you finally released em'. They look great, nice effort. 10/10
Posted on July 20, 2014 10:01PM by CriminalKillaz
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