Default Scrubs shirt (without stethoscope and pass card) by NikoFromIndo511 downloads
Fingerless leather driving gloves by MightyMaxFM1,131 downloads
Juliet Starling Galeyd Ver by Shikato3,159 downloads
Blackburn & Montes Battlefield 3 (Ped) by metalwars1,953 downloads
Michael's Suits for Niko by Pulsar513,186 downloads
Juliet Starling Sexy Rider Outfit by HaCKer_UTD9,974 downloads
Juliet Starling Striped Bikini by HaCKer_UTD12,682 downloads
Classic White Sneakers V2 by Aderdzinski213 downloads

Bugstars Uniform for Niko by Pulsar511,051 downloads
NYPD motorcycle officer Helmet & Uniform by ldfxf1,240 downloads
Boba Fett Jacket by Pulsar51442 downloads
Juliet Starling Seashell Bikini by HaCKer_UTD7,186 downloads
Classic White Sneakers by Aderdzinski194 downloads
Chinese People's Liberation Army Clothes by 5.8mm812 downloads
GTA IV Captain America's Shield Mod by Quechus131,182 downloads
Juliet Starling by HaCKer_UTD10,171 downloads

Tattoo for male multiplayer by khikay07431 downloads
Megurine Luka (White dress, Ped) by [0x80075af]1,334 downloads
Kagamine Rin (Meltdown/Reactor, Ped) by [0x80075af]1,288 downloads
Teddy for Niko V2 by nadfan572 downloads
Montes Battlefield 3 (Ped) by metalwars4,702 downloads
Haloween pack 1 by MRVone372 downloads
Blackburn Battlefield 3 (Ped) by metalwars5,375 downloads
GTA 4 - Niko Bellic in Multiplayer by MGS690 downloads

BFBC2 Assault by HaCKer_UTD3,657 downloads
Trishka Bulletstorm (Ped) by metalwars1,950 downloads
Miranda Mass Effect 3 (Ped) by metalwars2,055 downloads
Ashley Mass Effect 3 (Ped) by metalwars1,605 downloads
Lethal Enforcer pack by Dr.Shock and Killerfist3,955 downloads
Teddy for Niko by nadfan770 downloads