Spitfire7's Quiet Pedestrain Realism mod by SPITFIRE72,038 downloads
18 Street Gang Ped by perese13,659 downloads
Scary Jacket by bigretard1,215 downloads
Police badge for LCPD Detectives by bega199332,572 downloads
LCPD Detectives by Olanov8,195 downloads
Beta Cops by Olanov3,222 downloads
Woles Sweater by FAJAR AGUS T1,378 downloads
ZETAS Skins by GANGBANGER-CDG2,069 downloads

Sora (Ped) by [0x80075af]3,132 downloads
Cartel del Golfo Skins by GANGBANGER-CDG4,654 downloads
New Black/Red Shirts by saiz1,849 downloads
Batik by FAJAR AGUS T1,624 downloads
Disturbed: The Guy by Megadeth17181,838 downloads
Mexican Police (Policia Federal) by GANGBANGER-CDG2,661 downloads
The Mask by GriffiNComedy2,138 downloads
Avirex jacket for Luis by fantoman1,959 downloads

Tommy Vercetti Police Uniform by Gabriel.Augusto3,058 downloads
Riot Police Skin + SVD by THEGTAIVKILLER4,973 downloads
Mick Thomson Jacket by yazn2,070 downloads
SmallVille & The Boondock Saints Pack by DetectiveDavis1,071 downloads
Tomb Raider 2013 Lara Croft*Updated* by ac.amir26,656 downloads
Variant Armor for Iron Man by Pulsar519,326 downloads
Roman Bellic by Ray50002,308 downloads
GTA IV Bin Laden (PED/PLAYER)*UPDATE V2* by WertesGroup3,713 downloads

GTA IV Hats V2.0 by Ray50002,839 downloads
Weistcoats for NIKO by Hermetico892,926 downloads
Spongebob Squarepants Hoody for M_Y_GAFR_LO_01 by Algonquin Hood3,088 downloads
Entirely Bald Niko by Epiqueeto2,890 downloads
NASA Space Suit by GPDRIFTKING3,686 downloads
Niko Bald/Beard Combo by Epiqueeto2,642 downloads