EFLC Compatibility Mod *UPDATED* by wapeddell4,986 downloads
Prototype 2 James Heller by wapeddell2,853 downloads
Requested Characters Pack Watchmen fix by AceShot741,487 downloads
Requested Characters Pack*UP* by ac.amir86,335 downloads
GTA IV Scarface Suite Mod by 65473772,654 downloads
Dinosaurs by indirivacua2,156 downloads
Morgan Freeman by wapeddell1,422 downloads
Mickey Mouse by indirivacua5,150 downloads

Half-Life 2 Zombie ped by Nobeus1,165 downloads
Sonic the Hedgehog by indirivacua3,076 downloads
FDLC Paramedic Helmet v1.1 by Bxbugs123989 downloads
Tony Montana Pack by nErO_25875 downloads
Half Life 2 Elite Combine (PED) by wapeddell1,722 downloads
Half Life 2 Combine (Ped) by wapeddell1,826 downloads
Half Life 2 MetroCop (PED) by wapeddell1,883 downloads
Half Life 2 Gordon Freeman by wapeddell1,228 downloads

Portal 2 Peds [ATLAS and P-body] by indirivacua7,058 downloads
Metal Gear Solid 2 Snake by wapeddell2,632 downloads
MW2 Ghost Complete Edition by LOZTPX6,105 downloads
Hawaii Clothing by pabloelcuervo1461 downloads
Man from GTA 5 Trailer by Nikitos_by_matros717 downloads
Self Made Man v1 by EUgamereviews1,401 downloads
DEA Agent by NO5691,577 downloads
New Peds for Niko 7 by jorgehunter2,232 downloads

New Cop Content by JIverson8,492 downloads
New Black Jeans by salmankhan949 downloads
X-Men Wolverine Mod by Quechus134,858 downloads
Ghost Rider Mod Pack by Quechus13 and Wapeddell46,568 downloads
Matrix Neo Keanu Reeves *Updated* by wapeddell2,967 downloads
Tessellated Head of Terminator 3 - Arnold Schwarzeneger by wapeddell1,482 downloads