SWAT Niko with Helmet + Gas Mask by CORE.MAX20104,327 downloads
Splinter Cell Rigged Mod v1 by falcont2t4,434 downloads
Tron Jackets by Cubexd4,602 downloads
Brown Set by Teitia326 downloads
Combat Pilot Mod by CORE.MAX20101,169 downloads
Medal of Honor LTD by CORE.MAX20101,509 downloads
Better FBI by DrDean10,381 downloads
Splinter Cell Look by CORE.MAX20101,841 downloads

New Niko Bellic (Mohawk & New Barb) Fix by murga182,018 downloads
New Niko Bellic (Mohawk & New Barb) by murga182,234 downloads
New Bearded Niko by murga182,327 downloads
White Suit + Red Shirt by TURBO500986 downloads
Prototype Skin by falcont2t1,893 downloads
White Suit by TURBO5002,207 downloads
HUGO BOSS long-sleeve (TBOGT) by TheHandsy1,227 downloads
Monster Energy Cap + Suit by kevinogtaiv1,274 downloads

TBOGT Leather Jacket by danny10271,207 downloads
Mercenary of Death Gunnut Skin Retex v2.0 by Flava0ne2,944 downloads
Jacket + Shirt by Teitia479 downloads
black dc logo cap by Teitia441 downloads
Rocawear Jeans by Teitia715 downloads
New Kate by andriuhaha1,996 downloads
england Jacket black by davidnet460 downloads
England Jacket by GoldenEagle1419 downloads

Germany Jacket v1.0 by GoldenEagle1503 downloads
SF Multicam *fixed* by 2ha9ow598 downloads
New Suit by TURBO5001,237 downloads
O.G.Niko by Dr.Shock1,391 downloads
Ecko Unlimited Puffy Jacket by Dr.Shock1,424 downloads
Linen Suit by TURBO5001,015 downloads