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Franklin's shorts for Niko and Luis by SensualCucumber817 downloads
Infected Niko HD (Zombie Niko 2.0) by Fragdog1,029 downloads
Spider-Man Pack 4 by Quechus133,493 downloads
Jill Secretary by spycounter2,204 downloads
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United by GTAEU-MODS1,774 downloads
CRS police nationale BETA by ltgwen1,046 downloads
Peds gendarmerie realiste version Beta by ltgwen2,006 downloads
Fox Racing Hoodie for Niko by jezus91,482 downloads

The Joker: Dark Knight Returns Movie Version Ped by MCGaming487 downloads
Metal Gear Rising Grey Fox Recolored Pack by .:Shadow:.1,607 downloads
Ultimate symbiote Spider-Man 1.4 by .:Shadow:.1,212 downloads
Ultimate Spider-man v2.4 Fixed by .:Shadow:.1,873 downloads
The Last of Us Pack GTA IV 1.0 by Stuntmanorigins3,513 downloads
Adéwalé from AC: Freedom Cry by indirivacua548 downloads
New Style for Niko by Polkien3,480 downloads
Raiden In Tuxedo (MGR) by Jhunard122494 downloads

John Cannon's Clothes (from 9mm) by basasia266 downloads
GTA III Nostalgia shirts by 2000musse414 downloads
Spiderman Tron pack by .:Shadow:.937 downloads
NYPD Deputy Chief Badge by LCPD430571,057 downloads
Spider-Man Pack 3 V2.0 by Quechus132,785 downloads
Johnny from GTA V [PED] by spike10164924 downloads
Tracey De Santa from GTA V by gta_edit11,341 downloads
Johnny from GTA V (Full conversion) by NikoBellicFTW + Rockstar Games1,045 downloads

Ped Pompier français + casque F1 by ltgwen701 downloads
Ped police nationale version beta by ltgwen1,733 downloads
Joel from The Last of Us v1 by Stuntmanorigins1,701 downloads
Spiderman [Mini-Pack] by indirivacua1,499 downloads
Varsity Pack Jacket by Danilo Almada1,120 downloads
Runner Outfit Pack by Player26937 downloads