(updated) B. A. Baracus AKA Mr. T+New Jacket

by Dr.Shock
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B. A. Baracus AKA MR.T skin i have made + A jacket and phone theme hope you all enjoy them,Fixed small flaw with the eyes not lining up perfect Replaces: Niko Bellic
8.28/10 - 25 votes
Downloads: 1,733
Added: October 23, 2009 8:29PM
Last Downloaded: April 25, 2017 1:41PM
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looks amazing Dude ! 10/10
Posted on October 24, 2009 7:21AM by Mitchell Maniac
thanks glad you like it
Posted on October 24, 2009 12:00PM by Dr.Shock
yeah this is actually really great, nice work!
Posted on October 24, 2009 6:04PM by rappo ✮
Thanks rappo i am happy you like it
Posted on October 24, 2009 7:44PM by Dr.Shock
All we need now is the A-Team van and the theme song to add to independence radio! Dah dah dah DAH, dah dah DAH!
Posted on October 25, 2009 11:47AM by Mr.Whomp
you can go here to get the theme song.................. .................... http://beemp3.com/download.php?file=1276809&song=Theme+Song
Posted on October 29, 2009 7:00PM by Dr.Shock
and the van?
Posted on October 30, 2009 10:25PM by schorpy
The mega speedo van looks close except for the monster tires and the paint scheme is not quite right but i am unaware of any A team van hopefully someone will make one.Here is the link for the mega speedo I have never tested it though ............................................................ http://www.gta4-mods.com/vehicles/megaspeedo-f3056
Posted on October 31, 2009 1:53AM by Dr.Shock
Crap...another one that I downloaded and forgot to vote!10/10!I love different!Sorry again...
Posted on March 19, 2010 12:19PM by ullan
no problem ullan thanks:)
Posted on March 25, 2010 1:37AM by Dr.Shock
"Today is a sad day for me and others that love ur work!Maybe,those *who voted the rating down belongs to another website and want to shutdown this one so their website will grow,I don´t know and it doesn´t matter anymore!If u guys leave,in protest,I will leave this website too!"
Posted on April 30, 2010 7:41AM by ullan
I am here to stay
Posted on June 5, 2010 2:33AM by Dr.Shock
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