MI-28 Havoc confi settings for helicombat by liamlol12341 downloads
Hardcore Mode (Customizable) by representa36 downloads
GTA V Style for Widescreen Map 4:3 By mfrizki99 by JulioNIB, Edited by : mfrizki9978 downloads
LShift Sprint Fix by luluco25072 downloads
APC Script by Tegar.a.n464 downloads
Umbrella Mod by mfrizki99231 downloads
PoliceMenu by Abel Software1,580 downloads
Speeding Cars Handling.dat by Brra3005272 downloads

My Location +FPS Counter by Abel Software321 downloads
[Homing Fireball] Blaze Wing V1.1 by flyingratmods136 downloads
QuickSilver Script Update V1.2 (and Source Code Release) - GTA IV by BK Modding2,240 downloads
ELS v6 for by Mr.Red Devil927 downloads
Secret Identity by protossevolutio1,089 downloads
IV Vigilante Missions v1.1 by protossevolutio759 downloads
FPS BOOST V1.0 For Low Specs by mfrizki994,479 downloads
Onehit kill for all weapons script by whynot313 downloads

QuickSilver Script Update V1.1 By BK Modding - GTA 4 by BK Modding4,223 downloads
Crossfire v0 by my ammo crate1,147 downloads
GTA IV Mod - NFT2015 BETA V0.2 by Razor250 (RazorStudios)1,783 downloads
Unlimited - pure Bullet Time by wolaiwwgta6661,486 downloads
Quicksilver Script by BK Modding - GTA 4 by BK Modding1,289 downloads
The Lost Snitch by GysCo532 downloads
The Majestic Robbery by GysCo1,634 downloads
New Handgun Animation by DELANRivals1,922 downloads

SonicIV - Sonic The Hedgehog Mod by nimSony6,304 downloads
Green Goblin mod (2002 movie) by ac.amir & JulioNIB10,245 downloads
V style kill marker by LetsPlayOrDy3,015 downloads
QuickSave F5 by DynaZor1,388 downloads
Hit Marker by InfamousSabre2,441 downloads
GTA IV Mission Mod Pack V2.0 by rodd198113,515 downloads