Added Vehicle Description v1.1

by Noesis
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Very basic open source mod to display vehicle names for added vehicles which require an existing vehicle name so sound isn't lost but also prevents editing the GXT file without losing original vehicle description (i.e. Cars & Bikes, and perhaps Boats ?) isn't really required for added helicopters or planes, but could be used. Only tested in GTAIV, may work in EFLC or TLAD but I don't have them so I don't know.

Requires anyone who uses it to setup model names within code, in the last function at the bottom of the script - some examples exist There are also comments in the script to help you, and also further instructions on how to modify it in the Readme.txt file included in Download.

By added vehicles I mean as opposed to replaced, if you only replace vehicles then this will be next to useless for you especially if you edit the GXT file.

Activates when entering an setup vehicle or the games radar zoom key is pressed/held down and displays the vehicle name as designated within the code, in the same colour, height and same outline text effect as original but above the original text that displays at the same time and deactivates with a delay when the key is released.

-New to this version:
* The description is now also displayed when entering an added vehicle.
* Simplified the moving of the text, only 2 values need to be changed (i.e. Horizontal & Vertical).
* Added a more helpful description of what change in the readme.txt file.

Known issues,
-Font isn't exactly like the in-game font (in-game font is condensed much more) Any input on how to recreate the exact game font would be appreciated.

-Editing of the position of the text is likely if you don't run the game in 1920 x 1080 resolution.

- Editing of the script is required for your added vehicles to work, however I don't see a way around this as different people could name the same added vehicle as whatever they choose.

If you're not someone who understands scripts don't be deterred, this is a very very basic script, and if you worked out how to add vehicles I'm sure you can understand how to alter this script. It can be opened in any text editor, despite the .cs extension it is only text file.

Requires GTAIV .NetScriptHook installed along with requirements for that mod to be installed, and file needs to be placed in the GTAIV scripts directory.

Thanks to all the people who have done and released open source mods without whom I would know nothing about modding GTAIV at all.
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This looks wonderful, since i use Added cars. thank you for this mod! 10/10, keep working on this mod! :)
Posted on January 28, 2013 3:21PM by BKDeath20
can someone do a tutorial?
Posted on January 29, 2013 1:04AM by raynier
@BKDeath20, thanks man, although I'm not sure how much more I can do with this mod unless someone helps me with the matching font issue.

@raynier, a tutorial for what exactly, if you mean adding actual cars to the game see this link, "" all this mod does is display text depending on the car model you are currently in. This needs to be added in the code at the end of the file, examples exist so just copy & paste the last one and change the values in quotes, i.e

copy & paste these lines directly beneath where they are in the code.

else if (Player.Character.CurrentVehicle.Model == "DiabloSV")


then change the "DiabloSV" to another car model you've added but keep the quotes, and change the next line after VehicleName = to whatever text you want to display as the Name of the vehicle again keeping the quotes.

Now when you press the radar zoom key the game produces text in the bottom right corner as it always did but there should be another line above it with the text you gave to that model. Having lines in the code that you don't have models added for doesn't matter as you will never be in them (i.e wont crash the game or anything like that).

If you can't see the new text and are using a game resolution of less than 1920x1080 then the text is likely off the right hand edge of the screen so you will need to change txtPos lines at the top of the script, a suggestion (don't know if it will correctly) is since it's set for width 1920, and the value of the right side for the text is 1821.0, 1920-1821=99 so for whatever resolution you are using subtract 99 from the width you are using and try that as a new value for the 1821.0f setting, just keep the value followed by an f, do the same for the height (top bottom) settings keeping the top setting 40 less than the bottom setting. Some tweaking might be required for this to line up exactly as you want it, but you can always alt+tab out of the game change the script in the scripts folder, go back into the game press the "~" key and type "ReloadScripts" (without the quotes) in the console window, and press "~" key again to exit the console screen and see if the text is where you want it.

Hope this helps.
Posted on January 29, 2013 6:06AM by Noesis
It works well, but you really need to fix those names of the original cars like remove it off the screen when u enter the car. I hope, this will happen in future. :)
Posted on January 29, 2013 7:24PM by BKDeath20
BKDeath20, Good point, I don't think I can remove them as I believe that functionality is hard coded into the game however, I can think of a workaround and also might be able to change the mod so it displays the correct name (as well as the name associated with that last name setting in vehicles.ide i.e the one if you change you loose car sound).

My theory to remove the text is to edit the games *.GXT file for the language you are using. Essentially for the cars being used for sounds with added cars you could change the description to a null value or maybe a space if the GXT editor being used doesn't allow complete removal of the name (this is a theory I haven't tried it). Now when entering that vehicle either nothing or a space will be printed to the screen i.e. You won't see anything - this will of course also be the case when pressing the radar zoom button/key. The model should still exist though as no added cars appear in this file, hence you would need to include those vehicles in this mod which would display the name. This was actually my original plan for this mod and to have it kind of replacing the original text rather than sitting above it as it does at the moment, but since I couldn't get the text to show up exactly the same, I just left it above until I either found a solution for this or someone helped me out with it.

As far as getting text appearing when entering the vehicle as well I will try to do that - excellent suggestion (I've kind of gotten used to ignoring it but it was an oversight on my part).
Posted on January 30, 2013 7:28AM by Noesis
Yeah, that would be great, if you try to do it. :) I like this mod. I agree that it is hard coded in the game, but just try your best on the suggestion. :D
Posted on January 31, 2013 2:20PM by BKDeath20
thanks, i've always wanted something like this! 10/10.

however, i do have one problem (on, i know this mod is for The script will randomly crash now and then, but it does work. This is such a good and simple mod.
Posted on February 2, 2013 4:40PM by LamboFreak
I hope 1.2 comes out where the original vehicle name(from the game itself) disappears so we don't need to adjust the added text to overlap
Posted on February 20, 2013 8:29PM by AgenBlaze
Sorry AgenBlaze, as far as I know that original text can't be stopped with a script. You could stop the text by downloading a GXT editor and editing the GTA4 common/text/*.gxt file for the language you use by replacing the original car text with spaces so nothing would appear to show up, but otherwise this behaviour is hardcoded into the game, from what I understand.
Posted on February 22, 2013 8:22AM by Noesis
Actually I just did that :P

I was somehow tired of renaming GXT everytime so I decided to remove car names altogether. But still a great script :D
Posted on February 28, 2013 2:41AM by AgenBlaze
i dont like it:


Rated: 1/10
Posted on July 21, 2015 4:59AM by amir ghazaleh
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