HelpKit 1.7 *NEW*

by ZeroCool
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++ Special HelpKit v 1.7 *BETA* ++ A little tool that let you compare yourself with your friend :)

- A little script that helps you if you are in a troubles with police or other gangs, use it with caution, you only have 5 helps for both kind of.


-Drag ScriptHook.dll, HelpKit.asi and dsound.dll to your gta4's root, start the game as ADMIN

how to use:
-press F1 for weapon help. max 5.
-Press F3 for medikits help. max 5.
-added a little bar just below the map radar that shows up power ability.
-press MMB to activate it, when the power bar is down, it'll take a while to recharge.
-added also an extra slo-mo movement while aiming at other players/peds.
-press F5 to disable power bar.
-press F11 to reset all stats like kills etc..
-press F12 to make a log of your stats( it'll be redirect do iv's root, called PoliceWar.log ).
-press F4 to change your model character skin to M_Y_GUNNUT.
-press F6 to change your model character skin to M_Y_MULTIPLAYER random.
-added a little display on bottom right corner that shows up your stats during gameplay ( K/D ratio, bullets hit, bullets fired, deaths, kills, headshot kills)

Game needs to be restarted to reactivate medikits and weapon helps :p

-if you have any suggestion, or you found any bug don't exhitate to contact me:
help me to improve it.

-happy police war!! :)

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A little too many keys. Maybe make a little menu for selecting things? Good mod anyways 10/10
Posted on May 4, 2014 9:08PM by LetsPlayOrDy
eheh thank you dude, i'll make menu as requested then, wait for a little update (:
Posted on May 5, 2014 11:52AM by lordwriter
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