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Iron Man Script MKIII

by H1Vltg3
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Iron Man Script MKIII
by H1Vltg3

Original Touhou Spell Cards script by n-field

This is compatible with GTA IV and EFLC!

MKI -This script gives my Iron Man player model a working Repulsor Beam with sound effects and animation!
MKII -Complete rewrite of script using new variables
-Removed abilities not related to Iron Man
-Iron Man will now turn to face the direction he shoots before firing!
-Added boot Jets with Smoke Trail for flying!
MKIII - Hand Repulsor Beam effect was replaced with a properly masked effect
- Hand Repulsor Beam firing was sped up
- Hand Repulsor Beam causes minimal explosive damage so cars don't fly when hit
- Chest Repulsor Beam added, causes 20 times the damage of Hand Repulsor Beam
- Jet Boots turn on and off much easier and slower now, still not perfect
- Jet Boots now have sound effects

****UPDATE**** I have added 2 control options, 5-Button Mouse, or Keyboard!

!!Backup/Delete previous versions files before installing this version!!


1. Copy Scripts folder inside folder 2 to your "..Grand Theft Auto IV" directory.
2. Choose a Control Option from folder 3, I suggest 5-button Mouse Controls if you have one!
3. Place either "IronManMKIII.CS" or "IronManMKIIIKB.CS" into your "..Grand Theft Auto IVScripts" directory.
4. Make sure you have .net Scripthook installed. (Download Link Below)
5. Run game.


5-Button Mouse Controls:
1. Press the Back button to fire a Repulsor Beam
2. Press the Forward button to enable Jets and Smoke (This works better now, but still not perfect)
3. Press 1 on Keyboard to switch between Chest Repulsor or Hand Repulsor Beam (NOT NUMPAD 1)

Keyboard Only Controls: (NOT NUMPAD)
1. Press the number 1 button to fire a Repulsor Beam
2. Press the number 0 button to enable Jets and Smoke (Again, still not perfect)
3. Press B to switch between Chest Repulsor or Hand Repulsor Beam

**I suggest you have godmode enabled while using this.

This mod is compatible with the Superman flying mod and Simple Native Trainer.

You can get the .net Scripthook here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=392325

You can download my various Iron Man player models by searching "H1Vltg3" on this GTA4-Mods.com!

Please visit and "LIKE" my Facebook page for updates, new mods, videos, screenshots, and more!

You can also visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/IH1Vltg3I Replaces: Iron Man Script MKII
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