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This is a complete rewrite of my superjump/dig lua script. The features available in the lua script are also available in this release, but this release has so much more and it's much more stable. It's all thanks to HazardX and his .NET ScriptHook, without it this wouldn't be possible.

This script gives quite a few more options from the lua script. Some of the new options are:

- Infinite Health/Armor/Ammo

- Niko Fling (ragdoll toggle)

- Speed Increase (travel faster than vehicles while on foot)

- Configurable hotkeys and options

NEW in v1.1:

- Added Niko's current vehicle to the infinite health/invincibility functions.

- Fixed the problem of the invincibility overwriting other trainers/scripts. Set the hotkey used to 0 in the "sjsettings.ini" file to completely disable it.

NEW in v1.2:

- Now works for game version v1.0.2.0.

- Added a time scale AKA bullet time option.

NEW in v1.3:

- Added some new features and more selections for the infinite health/invincibilty option.

- Fixed the issue when infinite health for the vehicle is enabled and attempting a drive-by.

- Now when infinite health is enabled for the vehicle, it will only apply when the vehicle loses health.

- Now when player invincibility is enabled, you will no longer fly out of the vehicle when hitting a solid object at full speed.

- Fixed the problem of the bullet time option overwriting other trainers/scripts. Set the hotkey used to 0 in the "sjsettings.ini" file to completely disable it.

NEW in v1.4:

- Updated to work with the new scripthook version.

- Added more features to the bullet time option. Now you can have it with gravity on or off.

- Infinite Health/Invincibility functions now work for group members as well.

- Now when player invincibility is enabled, Niko will no longer become tired after sprinting for awhile.

- Now when player invincibility is enabled, the vehicle you attempt to enter will already be owned by you. No hotwire, no cops.

NEW in v1.5:

- Fixed some issues when fully disabling a used key in the INI file.

- Added a self-flying script addon. Hancock style.

NEW in v1.6:

- Fixed the player invincibility feature a bit. Now all doors will be unlocked for vehicles when enabled. You can also jack cop cars!

- Added mouse turning to the self-flying script addon, with or without holding the Aim button.

- Added flame trails to the self-flying script addon. You can toggle it on or off even without flying.

- Added a car-attach/ride script addon. Ride on top of vehicles without falling.

- Added an invisibility feature to the car-attach/ride script. Cops ignore you and, also works for group members and/or vehicles.

- Improved the SuperJump2 and Speed Increase features.

NEW in v1.7:

- Updated to work with new game version and scripthook.

- Added a flamethrower script, complete with spread shot addon.

- Added a model change script and an animation player.

- Added a wanted level feature to the mix.

- Fixed the infinite ammo to where now you also have no reload when enabled.

- Improved the SuperJump2 feature which plays an animation when falling rather than hitting the ground as a ragdoll.

- Improved the self-flying script addon, now plays an idle animation when flying rather than the falling animation.

NEW in v1.8:

- Updated to work with v1.0.7.0 and new scripthook.

- Changed the flamethrower script, some weapons became buggy after the update.

- Removed flames (fire effects) from all scripts. Also due to buggyness.
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cool !!!!!!!!!1
Posted on October 6, 2009 8:34AM by GERA
Very impressive! probably one of the best mods ive seen yet! It really makes it stick out how you can turn on ragdoll mode! Thanks!
Posted on February 6, 2010 6:10PM by xKCALBx
hey im maurice i have a ps3 and i want to get mods on my gta 4 but dont know how can someone help and guide me with it plz u may add me to friends too my username is maurice1_ thank u
Posted on March 3, 2010 2:55PM by maurice1_
sry maurice... ps3 mods are almost impossible... think this way : in PC you install the game and have access to the files you have intalled. in ps3 ( I don't have one but I think it works this way ) the game run from the CD, so the only way to mod the game ( if it was possible ) was to put the CD in your computer and modify the files.. but for that you would need some " special " Ps3 cd reader, and I think that even if you managed to do that, the files would have different extensions, to be able to work in ps3. I'm sry for my english, and I hope this was usefull! bye!
Posted on July 27, 2010 7:22AM by FFppppff
How do you actually make this work cuz im new at modding
Posted on July 18, 2011 6:46PM by GMoNeY333
me too im new at modding.
Posted on September 25, 2011 10:25PM by corrie500
yh im new to how do u mod
Posted on March 8, 2012 2:51PM by hosky
can i do this with the pc gta 4
Posted on March 16, 2012 5:19PM by Dizzil

lol it was a dare
Posted on August 1, 2012 9:07PM by The Taco Po Po
Hey,i don't know if your still working on this mod but,can you change the rolling animation niko does when he falls on the ground?Maybe the default one?It wold be much cooler and faster :D
Posted on October 13, 2012 8:58PM by angeloflife17
as I install it?
Posted on July 3, 2013 11:45AM by tomi2011
Hey man, its a brilliant mod :D

I would like to know one thing ASAP though, how do i disable the 'no gravity' bullettime? I only use the one with gravity and having to press home key twice is peeing me off :(
Posted on August 10, 2013 3:16PM by SharkEel
10/10 Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on April 18, 2014 11:35AM by jomaxxxx
"can u mod ps3 duuuh"

"can i do this to my pc gta 4? duuuuh"

I just want to know one did you turn the computer on and get here?

First, download the mod, see the big download button on the top left? Yeah, that one.

secondly, Open your downloads folder or wherever your file downloaded to, if you can't figure this much out then you might as well give up now because modding GTA IV on your PC is no walk in the park for most people. Some mods are very simple to install, some are complex. ALl mods usually come with readme files with instructions! Some don't actually, those uploaders are douches.

THirdly, if you don't have WinRar installed on your computer by now then youre f**ked. So go install WinRar from the plratebay or maybe it's freeware, I don't know. Again, if you can't figure this much out then just give up now, seriously. You're lucky i'm taking the time to explain this.

Fourthly, once you're sure you have WinRar, then right click on the Mod you just downloaded wherever it is on your hard drive, (hint: usually on your C: drive and under "My Documents" then "Downloads")

Right click on the mod file, then left click on "Extract to (whatever the file name is)" Then it will extract the uncompressed files into a folder of the same name.

Now this is where you go and find the readme files in that folder and follow those instructions for installing the mods. Usually it will require that you have another program installed that installs part of the mod for you, called SparkIV or OpenIV i think. You can download both of those programs on this site i think, or just google SparkIV or OpenIV, either way they're free programs and they're also on the plratebay. These programs will install the texture files and whatnot from the mods into the game itself.

But that's not all, on top of that, you have to manually copy and paste all of the numbers and information in the readme files that are associated with the "handling.dat" and "vehicles.ide" and "carcols.dat" files into the associated files under your game directory. Depending on whether or not you used steam to install GTA IV, your directories will be different. Like I said, instructions for copying the handling, carcols, and vehicle.ide data are usually included within the mods themselves in the readme file. If you can't understand a word of this then let me assure you that it is absolutely hopeless for you to ever be able to mod your GTA IV by yourself.
Posted on July 27, 2014 1:10PM by ScruffMcGruff
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