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New Handgun Animation by DELANRivals371 downloads
SonicIV - Sonic The Hedgehog Mod by nimSony2,086 downloads
Green Goblin mod (2002 movie) by ac.amir & JulioNIB3,606 downloads
V style kill marker by LetsPlayOrDy1,247 downloads
QuickSave F5 by DynaZor658 downloads
Hit Marker by InfamousSabre1,187 downloads
GTA IV Mission Mod Pack v1.0 by rodd19815,299 downloads
COD Sentry Guns mod by Keegan P. Russ, Rarefacer & JulioNIB2,793 downloads

Kuruma Script v.2.0 by Rugz0071,236 downloads
IWL v1.4 (Land, sea, air) by 5mith710 downloads
PAYDAY 2 Style Dynamic music mod by HarryWorner547 downloads
Mass Suicide by LetsPlayOrDy573 downloads
Intimidation by InfamousSabre1,824 downloads
Defender Mod by Solarix1,456 downloads
Unique Engineering - v2.0 by Vertelvis1,035 downloads
IWL v1.3 (Weapons update) by 5mith840 downloads

Visual Vehicle Spawner by 123iamking1,221 downloads
Red Light Mod by Wiebrendh1,385 downloads
Tricking IV by boblester1223,356 downloads
Liberty City Customs V1.2 by XxproxXgammer8,180 downloads
Speed Limit by LetsPlayOrDy1,161 downloads
IWL v1.2 (The army comes to Liberty City) by 5mith1,303 downloads
Sticky bomb for GTA IV (C-4) by JulioNIB3,123 downloads
Skate mod beta by JulioNIB3,818 downloads

Top Down View (GTA I & II style) by LetsPlayOrDy396 downloads
IV:MB Gearbox by iriedreadlock231,176 downloads
XMC v6 PC Edition (original) by Emmanuel Utomi & xStormsnoutx843 downloads
DOS IV 0.9 beta by LetsPlayOrDy144 downloads
Firefighter mod by gangrenn - version 0.8 by gangrenn3,660 downloads
Improved Wanted level v1.1 by 5mith1,166 downloads