DeFoe by Cyron4365 downloads
Painkillers (Max Payne 3 style) by Wiebrendh152 downloads
Personal Vehicle V1 by Wiebrendh431 downloads
Max Payne IV v1.2 script mod by Boblester122 & JulioNIB2,483 downloads
Max Payne 3 Bullet Time (Slow motion) Unlimited edition V2.1 by Wiebrendh751 downloads
Ultimate Camera Control 1.0 by gtamchaos1,540 downloads
Real and 100% working showroom by extrememodder1,187 downloads
Heart Attack Mod by PulloHeikkiProx457 downloads

Daily Interest by Wiebrendh104 downloads
Undercover Car Mod v1.2 by Skorpro755 downloads
Execution mod v3.4 by 123iamking892 downloads
Death Race IV v1.2 by R3vollv3R & JulioNIB2,416 downloads
FMX IV mod (freestyle motorcross tricks) by Boblester122 and JulioNIB1,193 downloads
Execution mod v3.3 by 123iamking582 downloads
Max Payne 3 Bullet Time (Slow motion) V2.1 by Wiebrendh806 downloads
Simple health regeneration by Wiebrendh406 downloads

GTA IV Watchdogs Walk Style by Neadtrachart1,314 downloads
GesturesMod2014 (Update MAR 8) by YourGrace1,646 downloads
CarUpgrade 1.0 by TempleOfLight1,503 downloads
Dynamic HUD 1.2 by InfamousSabre573 downloads
Dynamic Speedometer by extrememodder1914,261 downloads
Mission Passed V Style by SocialOfficer1,096 downloads
Execution mod v3.1 by 123iamking1,405 downloads
Braveheart Battle (Update MAR 8) by YourGrace749 downloads

Hardcore Mode (Updated to increase performace) by YourGrace522 downloads
Brain Control v6.4 by 123iamking1,463 downloads
Flappy IV by Quechus13 and JulioNIB785 downloads
Hallenberg Multiplayer Crash Protection v1.1 by formel117260 downloads
True GTA V Weapon Wheel Controls by DRUZZRIN122964,500 downloads
Real Parkour Animations v1 by boblester1224,827 downloads