RpmGauge and GearBox Script V1.0 by tartexs6,187 downloads
Tron Identity Discs v1.0 by metalwars4,615 downloads
tjack_m0d [Multiplayer Trainer] v3.1.1 by tjackiseN2,542 downloads
WatchCats [Magic mobile phone] by Nevitro2,792 downloads
New Handgun Idle Animation [GunCop] by Nevitro3,293 downloads
rpmGauge - ScriptHook .net.dll by tartexs3,140 downloads
TrafficControlScript .net ScriptHook (BETA) by tartexs7,757 downloads
Customizable Super Jump Script V2 by slayerxyz03,552 downloads

Spartan Kick Script V2 by slayerxyz06,151 downloads
Realistic Collision [0.6] with walls and realistic running by Nevitro9,311 downloads
GTA IV Alice mods pack by Box_factory1,016 downloads
Engine Blow-Out v1.1 by ArpyClarkson7,897 downloads
Engine Blow-Out by ArpyClarkson2,128 downloads
TurfWars by matt1981112,773 downloads
Smushpie's NYPD ESU Mod HD by Smushpie1,103 downloads
Big City Life v0.2 by DonSalami17,550 downloads

Big City Life v0.1 by DonSalami3,480 downloads
Internet Radio 2 by mark0112,330 downloads
Left 4 Liberty: Infection v5.1 by motorsport7179,753 downloads
Gundam Wing v1.0 by metalwars8,514 downloads
Simple Income by _Pure1,732 downloads
myTelekinesis powers by JulioNIB5,769 downloads
Bodyguard Script v1.4.0.0B (Updated 18/09/12) by _Pure11,822 downloads
Desert Mod by matt198114,797 downloads

Green Lantern Power Ring by wapeddell5,058 downloads
Samus Aran Varia Suit Arm Gun Blaster by wapeddell1,598 downloads
Iron Man Repulsor Beam by H1Vltg312,303 downloads
Real Inside View [RIV] v1.2 by Slyde27,118 downloads
Real Inside View (RIV) by Slyde9,523 downloads
Parachute Giver [TBOGT] by Nevitro4,511 downloads