Simple Car Fly Cheat script v1.0 by JulioNIB10,151 downloads
DeadEye v.3.0 by Nevitro4,888 downloads
RoadKill v1 with Controller Support by NomeSkavinski1,154 downloads
Meadows Park Safehouse - v1.1 by Vertelvis7,445 downloads
SA to IV Aircraft Controls for Air Combat IV NEW by Naruto 6071,907 downloads
Added Vehicle Description v1.1 by Noesis1,424 downloads
Javelin/Stinger Rocket Lock v1.1 by JulioNIB11,844 downloads
Air Combat IV v1.5.1 by JulioNIB40,385 downloads

Interactivity Mod 0.1 Beta by odiomoratti12,330 downloads
Hyper Speed BETA V4 by kryptylomese11,268 downloads
Ambiance 0.1 by InfamousSabre1,196 downloads
Vehicle Rocket Mod V3 by kryptylomese3,710 downloads
Low FPS Protection V3 by kryptylomese2,114 downloads
New Safehouses Mod v1.0 & Update by Skorpro34,060 downloads
AC-130 v1.1 by JulioNIB17,447 downloads
Fus Ro Dah [.ini file fix] by JulioNIB8,411 downloads

Drugs 1.1 [fix] by Nevitro5,074 downloads
Repair/Wash v1 by mcgedia5,363 downloads
Dead Eye Script v2 by Nevitro4,670 downloads
Simple Police Mission (Hard) by tjackiseN1,586 downloads
tjack_m0d [Multiplayer Trainer] v3.5.0 by tjackiseN13,374 downloads
Jump v.5.1 [from front window - flatout] by Nevitro1,282 downloads
SniperBT version 3.0 [17.12] by Nevitro6,567 downloads
Traffic Lights Fix [solid] by SteeL4,036 downloads

Simple Wall ride v1.0 by JulioNIB7,705 downloads
Ghost Rider script mod V2.4.1 by JulioNIB60,055 downloads
Iron Man Script MKIII by H1Vltg348,266 downloads
Smart Armor [Updated 11/17/12] by Shikato2,139 downloads
GTA IV Alice mods pack 2 by Box_factory1,494 downloads
Deadly Wrecks [updated 10/16/13] by AngryAmoeba9,096 downloads