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New Handgun Idle Animation [GunCop] by Nevitro3,478 downloads
rpmGauge - ScriptHook .net.dll by tartexs3,361 downloads
TrafficControlScript .net ScriptHook (BETA) by tartexs8,122 downloads
Customizable Super Jump Script V2 by slayerxyz03,767 downloads
Spartan Kick Script V2 by slayerxyz06,432 downloads
Realistic Collision [0.6] with walls and realistic running by Nevitro9,762 downloads
GTA IV Alice mods pack by Box_factory1,057 downloads
Engine Blow-Out v1.1 by ArpyClarkson8,200 downloads

Engine Blow-Out by ArpyClarkson2,207 downloads
TurfWars by matt1981113,549 downloads
Smushpie's NYPD ESU Mod HD by Smushpie1,161 downloads
Big City Life v0.2 by DonSalami18,604 downloads
Big City Life v0.1 by DonSalami3,614 downloads
Internet Radio 2 by mark0112,533 downloads
Left 4 Liberty: Infection v5.1 by motorsport7189,207 downloads
Gundam Wing v1.0 by metalwars8,816 downloads

Simple Income by _Pure1,875 downloads
myTelekinesis powers by JulioNIB6,168 downloads
Bodyguard Script v1.4.0.0B (Updated 18/09/12) by _Pure12,599 downloads
Desert Mod by matt198114,965 downloads
Green Lantern Power Ring by wapeddell5,416 downloads
Samus Aran Varia Suit Arm Gun Blaster by wapeddell1,680 downloads
Iron Man Repulsor Beam by H1Vltg312,537 downloads
Real Inside View [RIV] v1.2 by Slyde28,613 downloads

Real Inside View (RIV) by Slyde10,152 downloads
Parachute Giver [TBOGT] by Nevitro4,645 downloads
Sniper BulletTime by Nevitro5,684 downloads
Peds Not Scared By Horn by OfficerDoom1,629 downloads
Wanzer Script for Azerty Keyboard by jumpman971626 downloads
BulletTime 1.8 [LAST VERSION] by ZeroCool8,497 downloads