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PowerFulMod by ZeroCool3,100 downloads
Batman Batarang v1.0 by metalwars7,324 downloads
Destroy Engine V2 [more realistic in GTA IV] by Nevitro1,781 downloads
Contagium v1.2b by Molotov4,372 downloads
Flashlight And LaserSight 4 Player, BodyGuards, And SWAT v2.0 by motorsport713,193 downloads
Laser And Flashlights For All Weapons by motorsport7110,787 downloads
TimeGod by nixolas12,557 downloads
Indicator lights Script v1 by Lil-rich36,816 downloads

Armoured Truck Robbery by matt198114,999 downloads
Flashlight 4 Weapons v2.0 by metalwars13,075 downloads
Mobile Radio in Multiplayer by ChelNaPer1,596 downloads
Luxury Transport Driver by Junior Coding3,244 downloads
Power Drink Health Boost [7/7/12] by matt198111,687 downloads
Magic Scripts Pack v1.0 by metalwars35,487 downloads
Armoured Car Hijack by Prof_Farnsworth3,256 downloads
Internet Radio by mark0113,918 downloads

Escort Mod by matt198119,112 downloads
Trailer Mod v1.1 by NCTRenegade18,377 downloads
Trailer Mod by NCTRenegade12,626 downloads
Stalker Mod beta by matt198111,956 downloads
Jenny's Soul by motorsport711,458 downloads
EPM v1.5 by Threepwood36,281 downloads
PP Mod by matt198114,219 downloads
Mechanic Mod [7/6/12] by matt1981121,115 downloads

Killer Technique Pack v1.0 by metalwars28,248 downloads
OUTBREAK v2.1: Infectious Zombie Mod for / by motorsport7156,955 downloads
Jump Jet v1.0 by metalwars12,202 downloads
Freeze Time by matt198116,579 downloads
Spawn Ladders and Wall Climb[Updated] by matt198113,866 downloads
Airstrike Mod [Bugs Fixed] by aztec201211,227 downloads