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Nemesis by motorsport718,934 downloads
Bodyguards With Lights v1.01 by motorsport714,014 downloads
StructEdit v0.1 by thaCURSEDpie2,814 downloads
LCPD First Response v0.95 RC2 by G17 Media224,490 downloads
Burn To Hell v2.0 by metalwars7,289 downloads
Body Guard Spawner by Aluminumdabomb23,228 downloads
Invincibilty by Aluminumdabomb27,185 downloads
NVision [noctovision] by Nevitro768 downloads

Assassination Mod v0.6 by odiomoratti20,871 downloads
XL Trainer (Car spawner module) by ltaltee22,138 downloads
Jump v.4.0 [from front window - flatout] by Nevitro (+ AngryAmoeba)5,167 downloads
Arrest Warrant [updated 2/21/15] by AngryAmoeba19,478 downloads
Bank Account [updated 10/13/13] by AngryAmoeba28,024 downloads
Weapon Storage [updated 5/5/13] by AngryAmoeba6,956 downloads
Weapon Weight [updated 10/28/12] by AngryAmoeba12,648 downloads
Real Reload [updated 1/15/13] by AngryAmoeba8,050 downloads

TrafficLoad by ikt257,146 downloads
SeatBelts Changer Mod 1.0 BETA by lordy7273,799 downloads
Taxi Fix Mod by ctm30512,700 downloads
Award Achievement for GTA IV by lordy7273,576 downloads
Crysis Nanosuit by ikt11,390 downloads
First Person 1.0.7 Compatible by k3162116,104 downloads
Cautious Drivers v1.3 by BR_Goianiense10,196 downloads
Bleed & Heal by BR_Goianiense5,802 downloads

Kidnapping v1.2 by BR_Goianiense11,574 downloads
Organ Trafficking by BR_Goianiense3,381 downloads
Farnsworth's Shooting Range by Prof_Farnsworth1,828 downloads
Test Mod Scocci by Scocci940 downloads
Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup 2 by Prof_Farnsworth7,226 downloads
Left 4 Liberty: Infection v4.1 by motorsport7162,738 downloads