Side Quests Mod v1.3 by Nerdook10,077 downloads
First Person Mod v1.1 by C06alt163,197 downloads
Character Component Mod v2.5 by lilmcnessy8,281 downloads
NixoMod by nixolas14,388 downloads
Stacking Mod v2.2 by CJay4,399 downloads
Dance and Taunt Mod by HippieCommunist15,820 downloads
Prison Break by HippieCommunist37,157 downloads
Pigeons Detector Plus v1.1 by koolk6,215 downloads

Devil Mod by ZAZ15,959 downloads
OnFootRadioIV v1 by o!nko!nk2,606 downloads
Fireworks Mod by ZAZ4,735 downloads
VIP Kill/Rescue Missions by HippieCommunist6,649 downloads
Health Regeneration by HippieCommunist11,342 downloads
Wanted in LSD Uniform by HippieCommunist1,144 downloads
GTA IV Control Center by saracoglu13,433 downloads
GTA IV File Check Fix v1.0.4.0 by Alexander Blade82,614 downloads

Player Selector v1.4 by C06alt75,276 downloads
EFC20 Error Fix by Alexander Blade93,713 downloads
Train Driver Mod by V-Driver9,570 downloads
God Mode Plus by thaCURSEDpie18,059 downloads
Bodyguard Recruiter Mod by HippieCommunist15,852 downloads
Fire Breathing Mod by Mac9uro6,026 downloads
Dingo's Food Mod 1.1 by CaptainDingo2,938 downloads
CarSpawner In-Game Menu Version 2.2 by sjaak327140,612 downloads

First Person Driver by C06alt64,560 downloads
Radiance GTA IV v1.0.2.0 +10 Trainer by RADIANCE-TEAM8,582 downloads
GTA IV GrabScript v1.3 by HazardX13,520 downloads
CharComponents Mod by HippieCommunist7,302 downloads
Museum and Bank Robbery Mod v1.0.3 by HippieCommunist33,337 downloads
Render Flag Customizer by Alexander Blade4,271 downloads