Cop Clearer by KillerTaco2,360 downloads
SuperMan Mod v2.0 (Gamma) by nixolas1157,912 downloads
Car Shop Mod ver1.5 by endosan35,643 downloads
Super Tank and Heli Lift v0.95 by nixolas13,467 downloads
TelFo v0.105 beta by PlezzeR16,339 downloads
Contagium 1.0b by Molotov5,459 downloads
TelFo v0.101 beta by PlezzeR2,442 downloads
IV_MP3 2.4 by sjaak3275,207 downloads

Simple Trainer Version 6.5 by sjaak3272,024,013 downloads
Résident Evil IV MOD v1* by onclsam1315,729 downloads
BusMod Beta V1.0.1.1 by rooft0p17,121 downloads
EPM v1.3 by Threepwood29,110 downloads
Ambient Wars Revival 2010 - v2.1.0.0 by Ironhide24,951 downloads
My Super Mega Trainer by StevorNtheHouse21,889 downloads
Parachute Jet Engine and Rockets by nixolas115,274 downloads
SkyLift Mod Online (fixed) by nixolas111,637 downloads

EPM v1.0a by Threepwood13,045 downloads
Police Pursuit Mod 7.4b by Anderson200517,799 downloads
Nitro Mod 2.5 by sjaak32737,092 downloads
Telekinez by hmabubis7,568 downloads
BusMod Beta V1.0.1.0 by rooft0p8,912 downloads
Skylift Mod by Nixolas19,185 downloads
NixoMod 2.22 for EFLC (UPDATED) by nixolas125,980 downloads
InvaderV by matthewf4,842 downloads

Real Traffic Spawn 1.02 by bonako63,328 downloads
gta 4 recoverer 1.3 by TDO4,914 downloads
Simple Native Trainer 5.2v for laptops by kubus765412,080 downloads
cHAX by carboHAX2,794 downloads
Mission Selector and Co-Op Online 0.2 by LMS14,802 downloads
BusMod Beta V1.0.0.1 by rooft0p7,780 downloads