GTA IV GrabScript v1.3 by HazardX13,258 downloads
CharComponents Mod by HippieCommunist7,122 downloads
Museum and Bank Robbery Mod v1.0.3 by HippieCommunist31,590 downloads
Render Flag Customizer by Alexander Blade4,193 downloads
All Windows Run Fix by Alexander Blade4,056 downloads
Vehicle Selector v1.4.1 by C06alt66,886 downloads
No Reload by rappo4,134 downloads
Bullet Time+ by HippieCommunist13,351 downloads

God Mode v1.1 by rappo98,496 downloads
inGame Trainer v1.9.0 by Awwu295,467 downloads
Flipmod by ZomBuster2,512 downloads
Euphoria Mod (Beta Release) by Delremos25,640 downloads
Touch of Death by rappo6,903 downloads
Super Spawner Script by CoMPMStR34,138 downloads
Handheld Teleport Device Script by CoMPMStR7,166 downloads
Mega SuperJump Script by CoMPMStR25,995 downloads

Ride Along Mod by rappo21,653 downloads
System Time Sync v1.2 by C06alt8,814 downloads
Car Bomber Mod by rappo31,131 downloads
Ragdoll Mod v1.0.3.0 by HippieCommunist41,290 downloads
In-Game Car Spawner by asd2352,569 downloads
Player Selector v1.3 by C06alt34,822 downloads
GTA IV Bodyguard Mod by rappo112,188 downloads
Change Gravity Mod by JamHamster12,319 downloads

SuperJump/Dig by CoMPMStR4,936 downloads
Garage Mod by GAK15,039 downloads
Bullet Time by HippieCommunist8,881 downloads
Clear Wanted Level by TR45e6,808 downloads
Change Game Speed by adhome4,836 downloads