My Super Mega Trainer by StevorNtheHouse21,995 downloads
Parachute Jet Engine and Rockets by nixolas115,376 downloads
SkyLift Mod Online (fixed) by nixolas111,739 downloads
EPM v1.0a by Threepwood13,096 downloads
Police Pursuit Mod 7.4b by Anderson200517,986 downloads
Nitro Mod 2.5 by sjaak32737,715 downloads
Telekinez by hmabubis7,629 downloads
BusMod Beta V1.0.1.0 by rooft0p8,984 downloads

Skylift Mod by Nixolas19,252 downloads
NixoMod 2.22 for EFLC (UPDATED) by nixolas126,051 downloads
InvaderV by matthewf4,867 downloads
Real Traffic Spawn 1.02 by bonako63,750 downloads
gta 4 recoverer 1.3 by TDO4,951 downloads
Simple Native Trainer 5.2v for laptops by kubus765412,161 downloads
cHAX by carboHAX2,829 downloads
Mission Selector and Co-Op Online 0.2 by LMS14,970 downloads

BusMod Beta V1.0.0.1 by rooft0p7,832 downloads
Police Pursuit Mod 6.0e by Anderson200543,633 downloads
NOS Mod v1.0 by C06alt22,810 downloads
ProVehicleMod v.1.0.1 by probles87,590 downloads
Vehicle GOD Mode + Super SultanRS by UnlockedTax4,465 downloads
Pursuit Mod 4.0b by Team-Neo2,600 downloads
FileCheckFix (5th patch) by Alexander Blade38,460 downloads
BusMod Beta v1.0.0.0 by rooft0p7,050 downloads

Cheap Car DealerShip (Lilmcnessy Autos) by lilmcnessy5,502 downloads
Car DealerShip Mod (Lilmcnessy Autos) by lilmcnessy19,569 downloads
4Fun trainer 2.00 Fix by Jachu1238,533 downloads
XLiveAchiever v0.3 by Alexander Blade15,656 downloads
Police Pursuit Mod Beta 4.0 by NeO_Anderson7,707 downloads
NixoMod 2.222 (UPDATED) by Nixolas112,823 downloads