CreatorMod Z Beta by nixolas17,511 downloads
Radio Editor for EFLC (ParrotBay Radio) by iriedreadlock234,356 downloads
EPM v1.4 by Threepwood26,742 downloads
Police Pursuit Mod 7.5d by Anderson200567,089 downloads
Hell Fury by motorsport7111,809 downloads
Rival Drive By Gang V2.0 by motorsport716,622 downloads
GTA IV Powerful Mode Mod by Rapier15,340 downloads
Airstrike Mod by rappo9,381 downloads

Niko Rocket Mod by Rapier3,892 downloads
Cop Clearer by KillerTaco2,957 downloads
SuperMan Mod v2.0 (Gamma) by nixolas1172,075 downloads
Car Shop Mod ver1.5 by endosan43,156 downloads
Super Tank and Heli Lift v0.95 by nixolas14,214 downloads
Contagium 1.0b by Molotov6,510 downloads
IV_MP3 2.4 by sjaak3276,169 downloads
Simple Trainer Version 6.5 by sjaak3272,665,085 downloads

Résident Evil IV MOD v1* by onclsam1317,056 downloads
BusMod Beta V1.0.1.1 by rooft0p21,548 downloads
EPM v1.3 by Threepwood31,470 downloads
Ambient Wars Revival 2010 - v2.1.0.0 by Ironhide30,151 downloads
My Super Mega Trainer by StevorNtheHouse23,430 downloads
Parachute Jet Engine and Rockets by nixolas116,570 downloads
SkyLift Mod Online (fixed) by nixolas112,896 downloads
EPM v1.0a by Threepwood14,042 downloads

Police Pursuit Mod 7.4b by Anderson200519,712 downloads
Nitro Mod 2.5 by sjaak32743,533 downloads
Telekinez by hmabubis8,587 downloads
BusMod Beta V1.0.1.0 by rooft0p10,251 downloads
Skylift Mod by Nixolas110,251 downloads
NixoMod 2.22 for EFLC (UPDATED) by nixolas127,325 downloads